Alcohol and Acne: How to Drink Without Causing Acne

So you’ve heard that drinking alcohol causes acne. Well I’m going to tell you the truth about alcohol and acne – the full truth


Alcohol and Acne: The Truth

The truth is that alcohol doesn’t cause acne, and there’s no proof that I could find to say otherwise.


Some other articles may disagree with me. They might even show you some corny study done 40 years ago.


They’re not completely wrong though.


Alcohol may not cause acne itself, but the actions that go along with it can sometimes worsen acne, or help cause breakouts to form/ intensify.


Let’s be real though – if you stopped drinking alcohol then your ongoing breakouts or acne wouldn’t magically disappear.


But I will admit that a few nights out drinking will cause some aggravation – especially because you’re already acne prone.


So in this post I’m first going to list you the most acne-causing things that are accompanied with a night of drinking – and how to stop them from happening.


Then I’m going to tell you what’s really causing your acne, and how to completely clear it before this week is over – and don’t worry I’m not going to try and advertise another hopeless facial cream, like every other writer does. I’m not too fond of them if you couldn’t already tell.


Anyway lets begin,


The 4 Biggest Acne Causes Related to Alcohol 


Below I’ve listen the biggest acne causers in order from biggest causer to least biggest.


1. Alcohol Dehydrates You


The less moisture your body has, the more acne prone you become. 


Solution – Always remember to drink some water at times during the night to prevent your skin from drying out and becoming more acne prone. If you have dry skin along with acne, then you should check out this article written by Seppo Puusa from Acneeinstein


2. Not Washing Your Face Before Sleep


Solution – Needless to say, remember to wash your face before bed.


Always wash your hands first though.


And in case you don’t know this already – always use a face wash that contains salicylic acid as Dr. Sandra Lee explains in this video, followed by an oil free moisturizer (the brand doesn’t matter).


3. Lack of Sleep 


You probably know from experience that a drastic change in your diet or sleep schedule is just asking for more acne, even if it’s only for a day or so.


Solution – Eat a plentiful dinner before the night begins, not fast food or a pizza slice.


I mean a complete meal.


There’s not much I can say for sleeping except try and nap during the day so you don’t lose as much sleep.


Or try your best to sleep as long as possible the next morning.


4. Face Touching 


For some reason when people drink alcohol they tend to touch their face more often than not.


Solution – Obviously the solution is keep your hands away from your face at all times – and be sure to fully wash your hands after going to bathroom.


Those are the 4 biggest acne-causing things that you’re doing while drinking.


What Happens if You Drink While Following My Advice?


If you can follow my advice, then you won’t have to worry about alcohol and acne anymore.


Since you’re reading my blog, I’m willing to bet that you have some amount of acne or breakout on your face right now.


You’ve probably noticed how the internet is only filled with information that’s either wrong, outdated, or written by someone who has no professional or personal experience with acne.


After years of slowly losing the acne battle, I can confidently say that I am the only person on the entire internet who knows how to clear any type of acne or breakout in matter of days (unless you’re one of the few people on earth with an incredibly severe case of acne – who then need Accutane).


But those are extremely rare cases. 


My Own Experience


I'm guessing you’ve tried a few different products that haven’t worked like they claimed they would ‘clear you in one week’ or something like that.


I’ve experienced that for 7 years of my life. I would try probably 3 or 4 different products a month.


Some would work a little bit, but not nearly enough.


Most wouldn’t do anything though and some did make it worse – you know the story.


If you want to clear your acne and breakouts by the end of this week,  and keep them gone forever, then I strongly suggest reading my full story about how I cleared myself after years of struggling.


The only reason I blog in the first place to help acne sufferers like you, so please don’t let my work go to waste.


Because I’m 100% sure that if you don’t listen to me, then you’ll be dealing with acne for a very long time.