Chin Acne Miracle: How I Finally Cleared My Chin


Every time I opened my mouth to speak to someone, it felt like they were staring directly at my chin.


You probably know the feeling to some extent.


Every morning I would have AT LEAST 1-2 new whiteheads to deal with. Literally every morning. 


The sad part is that I didn't realize how miserable I was until I finally cleared myself. 


Anyway lets begin,




I’m quickly going to tell you the single reason why your acne on your chin or jawline exists in the first place.


Then I’m going to tell you how to clear it immediately and forever.


You'll be completely clear within 2-3 days,  but you’ll see a huge difference within 6-12 hours (without question).


That goes for chin breakouts also. And if it's just a breakout, it will clear even quicker.


The Cause of Your Chin Pimples


The chin area is one of the most acne-prone places.




One reason is because you’re constantly touching it with food, silverware, your jacket collar, your fingers, napkins, water bottles, and other potential bacteria carriers. 


Another reason according to this article on Medlicker, is because of diet and unknown food allergies.


But That’s Not What’s Actually Causing Your Chin Acne


There’s no doubt that constantly touching your face worsens acne to an extent.


And I don't doubt that poor diet or even some light food allergies could worsen it also.


That part is true.


But trust me when I say that you would still have chin acne if you never touched your chin again for the rest of your life.


And if you completely changed your diet? I don't think so.


If it were that simple then nobody would have acne. 


So What’s The Actual Cause of Your Pimples on Chin?


The true cause is a semi-weakened immune system.


This is the ONLY cause,  no matter how you turn it.


It always has been, and it always will be.


It’s Your Weak Immune System


If you don't believe me, here is a very popular study done a few years ago that demonstrates how antioxidants levels are severely depleted in acne sufferers.


If you look on Pubmed's website, there are about 20 more studies done in the past 5 years proving the same thing.


Just like any other infection, acne is a bacterial skin infection that occurs when your immune system isn’t strong enough to defend your skin cells against the invading bacteria in the air surrounding them.


You can’t hide from acne-causing bacteria. 


There are billions on your skin surrounding you no matter where you go.


The only thing that matters is if your immune system is strong enough to protect your skin cells against them.


Anyway let's get to the point, 


How to Immediately Clear Your Chin Acne


You could do it 2 different ways – the faster way, or the slower way.


Personally I prefer doing both ways, but that's your decision.


I wouldn’t suggest doing the slow way by itself though, just because it will take a few months to see any real improvement.


Both ways work by immediately replenishing your immune system deficiencies.


The Slow Way


The slow way is by eating the foods that contain the specific antioxidants, compounds and nutrients that your body is missing.


If you want to know which foods you should eat, you can read the list I made in this post.


Even the AAD is acknowledging that diet and acne are closely related, as you can see in this article they published.


The Fast Way


The fast way is by using an oral antioxidant treatment.


You may or may not have heard of these kinds of treatments within the past 2 years since they are fairly newer, but you will soon enough.


They are quickly becoming the most highly recommended type of acne treatment worldwide. 


From my experience, these are the only things strong enough to clear most people (besides a heavy prescription).


They are literally the first and only thing to work for me in 6 years of fighting. I’ve been using one for the past 9 months. 


What it Did For Me


All of my acne (even my bigger whiteheads) were 95% invisible within 2-5 days, and gone by the end of the week.


To this day, I still find it hard to believe that my face is clear. After 9 months of being acne free.


That just shows how badly it was affecting me mentally.


But the most exciting part was seeing such a huge difference within the first 12 hours. That was the best part by far.


That week was so mentally liberating that I seriously couldn’t put it into words if I tried.


Since then I’ve witnessed the exact same results on hundreds of other people I’ve met during my years of dealing with acne.


Don’t take my word for it though, I guarantee if you look up any of these treatments you won’t find one single bad review, not even 1.


Murad and Derma Make The 2 Most Popular Treatments


I personally use the Derma (Drinkables) treatment, because it's the only one with beta carotene (so it's much stronger), but its also the most expensive at $25 a pack (which I’m still not too fond of).


It's whatever you personally prefer though. 


In Conclusion For Now


If you’ve been following me, then you already know that I'm not some skincare blogger that gives pointers about acne.


Or someone whose paid to write about some garbage acne regimen.


You know that I’m an acne sufferer just like you. And for years, I’ve been exactly where you are right now. Whether it's chin acne or any other type - I've been through it all.


That's why the only thing I ask of you (after you've cleared yourself), is that you share this knowledge with someone else dealing with acne if given the chance – like I’ve just done for you. 


I think that sounds pretty fair given the circumstance.