Does Sweat Cause Acne? Yes it Does! 100%

Let me just start by saying that sweat DOES cause acne.


And you know whats messed up? That top-tier medical websites say that it does not.


The same sites also claim that diet and acne aren't related.


Well they are related – HIGHLy related.


Maybe someone could argue that eating unhealthy foods won't cause - but of course they don't mention how NOT eating healthy foods WILL cause acne.


It's common sense that eating healthy food is the only way to give your body the nutrients and compounds it needs to keep your immune system strong - so it can guard your cells from bacterial infections like acne (acne is a bacterial infection).


My Opinion on These Websites?


It almost seems to me like they're trying to worsen acne (but that's probably just my frustration clouding my thoughts).


Maybe sweat particles don't cause acne.


But of course they don't mention that leaving sweat on your face for more than 30 minutes does cause acne, by promoting bacterial growth.


Here's some proof backing me up. It was in this Refinery29 article,  with renowned dermatologist and acne specialist,  Dr. Neal Shultz.


According to Dr. Shultz, "There's no bacteria in sweat," "However, if the sweat is not removed with water or washed away, it can cause odor by promoting the growth of bacteria”


This Proves My Point


The good news is that by the end of this article you'll know exactly how to sweat without causing acne.


In a few simple steps I'm going to tell you exactly what to do while your'e sweating and when you're done sweating.


Lets get started,


How to Control Acne and Sweating?


First I'll tell you what to do if you've been sweating for more than 30 minutes:


1. Splash some cool water on your face -


This will wash away the stagnant sweat on the surface of your skin which would have allowed bacteria to form.


2. Before splashing water on your face -


You must wash your hands well. Who knows where they've been all day or what kind of bacteria is on them.


3. Pat your face dry with a new paper towel.


What's the Best Part About Learning How to Handle Sweating?


Because now you can continue sweating without worrying about any acne forming in the process.


Next I'm going to list what to do after you're done sweating.


This applies to the shower and the sink (for those who can't take a shower immediately after sweating).


If you're taking shower though, make sure to do these steps last (after washing your body and hair).


1. Wash Your Hands as Best as You Possibly Can


Really wash them to get off the dirt, oil and bacteria. If you're in the shower then use body wash.


It should be antibacterial.


I usually just use Dial or Dove but it should antibacterial.


Rinse off your hands well with water.


2. Washing Your Face


Thoroughly wash your face with a face wash the has 2% salicylic acid.


Gently massage your face thoroughly for 30 seconds or so.


If you don't have one then you should go to the store and buy one because it's very important for cleaning/exfoliating your pores.


Renowned dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee explains in this video (anchor) why using salicylic acid is a must for acne sufferers.


3. Pat Your Face Dry


Do this with a fresh towel. Don't rub, just pat.


4. Face Icing


This step is going to sound odd, but its arguably the most important.


Simply rub an ice cube around your entire face for 10-20 seconds.


By sweating you promote any inflammation that you have, or are about to have on your face.


Ice cools inflammation as you can see from this article also.


And can help much more than you think.


Not to mention that without icing.


You also may promote a heat rash like follicuilitis to appear (small colorless bumps, usually on the forehead). 


I'm actually going to try write a post on how to clear it this week.


5. After Icing, Apply an Oil Free or Non-comedogenic Moisturizer


If you don't have one then you should go to the store and get one.


I usually use the Neutrogena or the cheaper Shoprite-version because it's the same thing.


6. Use Foundation


If you're going to apply foundation you can after moisturizing, but you should always wait at least 1 minute for the moisturizer to dry so there's no blotchiness.


Make sure your foundation is non comedogenic though (meaning it doesn't clog pores).


Is That Everything You Should Know About Sweat and Acne?


Yes, you can now handle sweat without causing acne to form.


If you just wanted to know how to deal with sweat in terms of acne, then it looks like this post stops here for you.


But if you are still struggling with breakouts or acne in general regardless of sweat then I strongly recommend that you keep reading.


Sometimes my breakouts got so bad that I couldn't help thinking it was because of certain things that I did.


Mainly things that I loved doing which was partly why I was so miserable.


I was convinced that things like going to the gym, makeup, sweet food and alcohol were responsible for my acne – like you probably.


How I Got Rid of My Acne in 4-6 Days, and Saw a Huge Fading on the 1st Morning


Well about a year ago I found a treatment that managed to clear my entire face for the most part.


Oh and it took about about 6 days.


There may have been a few baby dots left, but they were almost invisible.


By day 9 everything was gone.


My life was changed forever after during that week.


After so many years of suffering it took 6 days.


I'm still in awe of that.


I can't explain how great it felt to do the things I loved again – while knowing that my acne was actually clearing while I was doing them, instead of getting worse like it used to.


You can read my whole story if you're interested, but I'm just referencing it here.


For 7 long years prior to this I was dealing with terrible breakouts, cystic and hormonal, with stubborn acne on top of it all.


You can probably guess that I've tried my fair share of treatments that didn't work - but I never stopped trying like usual.


And then finally I found something.


It was an oral antioxidant treatment.


I learned they were a new type of treatment and a breakthrough in the field of acne.


Derma Drinkables is the one I currently use and have been the past year.


There's a few more companies, but I personally prefer Derma because it has beta carotene.


Honestly I'm not too fond of the higher price, but it's up to you whether it's worth it or not.


The other nice thing is how you don't need a prescription for these treatments despite the strength – since the ingredients are completely natural compounds.


You can usually buy them straight from each company's website.


Conclusion - One Final Note


I'm not suggesting everyone use this type of treatment – because some of you don't need it.


If you only have 1 pimple every 2 months then its not for you.


But if you have reoccurring breakouts or stubborn acne on a weekly basis then this treatment is for you.


It cleared me almost entirely in 6 days like I said before – so don't overuse it because they're very strong.


Remember if you don't try something new then your acne will never go away.


Its all about searching with trial and error.


I basically did that part for you, after spending a third of my life. But dwelling on the past is never smart.


The point though I'm trying to make is this: You don't have to continue living with acne - because thousands of people each week are now being successfully cleared with these kinds of treatments.