How I Cleared My Acne in 3 Days

I’m about to share something with you that will change your life from this point forward.


I’m going to tell you the story of how I cleared my acne in 3 days after suffering for nearly 8 years.


By the 3rd day I was about 90% clear. But there was a noticeable difference within hours.


It might sound unbelievable, and I completely agree. It’s still hard for me to believe.


The only way you’ll believe it is by seeing it for yourself in my opinion. I’ll explain more though.

The Best Week of My Life, Hands Down


The first few days it felt like a dark haze of depression had cleared from my head, and I could think freely again.


I felt true peace of mind for the first time in my life.  


It wasn’t by some miracle or even lifestyle change, even though I thought those were my best options.


I Know How Miserable Acne is


I absolutely hate acne.


Whether it’s breakouts, cystic, hormonal, or just a few pimples. I never had it bad enough for a strong prescription, but


I still had enough to cause major damage to my self-confidence.


It basically ruined my high school and college experience.


Even the times when I didn’t have too much, I still was uncomfortable because I knew that it would return in a few days. 


I had stubborn acne mixed with constant breakouts to be specific.


How Much I Hate Acne


I hate acne so much that I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to clearing as many others as possible.


It’s why I’m sharing my stories with you in the first place.


I would still be in that same awful place though if it weren’t for a friend’s suggestion.


And I know first-hand how much stress acne puts on your subconscious.


It's truly a helpless feeling of pure sadness and frustration.


Plus it looms all day, so your thoughts always circle back to it.


I hate it.


The people who barely have it say how it’s ‘no big deal’, or it’s ‘barely noticeable’.


They don’t know though.


It’s not something that anyone wants to deal with, especially when it stops you from going out at night, talking to someone you find attractive, being yourself, and basically living your life to its fullest potential.


Especially innocent teenagers and young adults who are still developing their personality.


Most people don’t understand how much acne can affect your personality – even if you’re just haunted by a few pimples every week.


Acne Treatments are Miserable


I know how miserable the acne industry is.


Nothing works.


How can there be so many different acne products that don’t work? Who knows. I mean the creams, cleansers, gels, regimens.


All of them are ‘designed to clear acne’, but everyone knows they don’t.


All they can do is help exfoliate the sebum from your pores.


Don’t get me wrong, I still use an exfoliating face wash every day in the shower.


But that doesn’t mean that it gets rid of anything. It basically just takes out the trash – meaning it can’t stop what’s causing your acne, it can only help clear away the effects quicker (and that still takes days).

For Years I’ve Been a Helpless Victim of Acne


It’s usually a light to medium redness with small bumps/whiteheads in mild amounts. But the breakouts are when it seriously gets bad for me.


I’ve been told it was a mix of cystic, inflammatory, and hormonal.


I’ve been on antibiotics a few times, but they didn’t improve me enough to continue paying for it, while dealing with side effects (energy loss and headaches every day - sometimes very painful ones).


After 4 weeks my doctor wouldn’t allow me to refill my script, and my acne would start coming back worse than it was before.


It usually took a few months before it would let up.


My Old Strategy


Ordering acne treatments from Amazon or constantly searching store shelves had been my go-to strategy.


Until recently I haven’t had great success with finding something that worked.


A few glimmers of hope but they ultimately failed me.


I always wash my face with some exfoliating wash to keep my pores clear, but I know that won’t be anywhere near strong enough to clear my acne.


I even cut dairy completely out of my diet, lowered my sugar intake and ate only healthy foods - which did help a little, but nowhere close to enough.


What Finally Worked for Me: How I Cleared my Acne


The first and only thing able to get rid of it was an oral antioxidant treatment.


I had no idea these treatments even existed until last year, but apparently they’ve been around for the past 3 years.


There aren’t too many companies that make them. I know the biggest treatments are Murad and Derma.


I prefer the Derma (Drinkables) because they’re stronger, but they do cost more - which I’m not too fond of.


Fast Forward a Few Days to When I Began Taking Them


On the 1st day (after taking 2 the day prior) 


My redness lightened up a decent amount, and my bigger bumps looked twice as faded as the night before.


Still I was skeptical though like anyone else, and obviously a little excited.


On The 2nd Day


ALL of my redness lightened up much more than the first day.


There were still a few red areas but very light red. Every time I looked in the mirror my individual pimples and bumps looked a lot more faded than the last, and looked like they were fading into nothing.


On the 4th Day


I was 95% clear. All you could see were faded pink dots where my whiteheads were, they were unnoticeable though in public.


By day 8 I was literally 100% clear despite a few freckles and microscopic dots that you’d need a magnifying glass to see.


And nothing new had formed since I began taking them.


Now that I’m reflecting on it for the first time it does feel pretty awesome. I still use the treatment anywhere from 2-3 days each week, or whenever I wake up with a new pimple (they’re always small though, nothing compared to before.


My Acne Situation for Right Now


I honestly can't remember the last time I had a breakout that made me worry, or gave me problems.


Whenever I notice anything I take 2 drinkables that day, and the next. By the following morning its unnoticeable, and by the next day completely gone.


In Conclusion


Now you finally know how I cleared my acne, and why I'm sharing my story with you. I couldn’t be happier knowing that my experience has been able to clear so many people, otherwise it would all have been for nothing.


That’s how I choose to look at it.


My only request is that you do the same as I did for you. If you have any friends or coworkers dealing with acne, then explain to them how you cleared yourself. Don’t let other people suffer if you know how to get rid of acne. 


That’s all I ask, and it shouldn’t be too difficult. Plus you’ll change someone’s life, like I just did for you.


Enjoy your clear skin!