How I Cleared My Cystic Acne in 3 Days

You can go ahead and close any other tabs to do with this subject - because I’m one of the few individuals on this earth who knows how to get rid of cystic acne.


And the only one on the internet for certain. I’m 100% sure of that.


And It’s alright to be a little skeptical, I honestly wouldn’t believe anyone telling me this unless they could prove it – which I will.


I actually wish that I wasn’t the only person to know this, because maybe I wouldn’t have suffered for 8 years nonstop.




When Did I Become Cystic-Free?


About 9 months ago I finally cleared my face. And It happened in 3 days.


But there was a massive difference within the first 2 days. Even within a few hours I noticed everything wasn’t nearly as inflamed as it normally was.


I never had it to the point where I needed Accutane.


But I was still popping 2-3 whiteheads nearly every morning before classes, no matter what product I was using or trying out.


Anything you’ll read on the internet about cystic acne is filled with the same old useless crap.


About how it can be cleared by some home remedy or some worthless acne cream.


What's The Truth About These Treatments For Acne?


The truth is: NONE of them work (as you probably know)


Don’t get me wrong, I agree that washing your face twice per day and moisturizing (with an oil-free moisturizer) might prevent some acne from forming – since its exfoliating your pores.


But you and I know that they don’t really get rid of anything, and sometimes might seem to even worsen it.


Also, the brand DOES NOT matter. There are literally dozens of brands that make the same exact face wash (2% salicylic acid) and moisturizer.


Personally, I buy the cheapest brand - like the copycat version of Neutrogena, or another store-brand.


It’s much cheaper than big brands with the same ingredients. Literally the same exact ingredients.


Anyone can see that most acne creams and face washes are made of the exact same ingredients. I have no idea why so many exist.


Anyway, lets get down to it


How I Cleared My Own Face?


From this point on, it doesn’t matter if you’ve had cystic for 5 years or 5 weeks. Because today is the day you learn something that’s going to change your life – especially this week.


This is going to be your first week of the rest of your life without acne. I’m dead serious – so prepare yourself mentally.


I can’t explain why or how it took so long to happen, but what I’m about to tell you is just one of those rare things in life, which seems to good to be true – except it is true.


To be honest, it still doesn’t seem real to me.


Not waking up with big cystic whiteheads every morning or helplessly fighting breakouts each week.


Quickly I’m going to tell you what’s causing your cystic acne, so you’ll understand what I’m talking about.


Then I’m going to tell you exactly how to get rid of it.


The Cause of Cystic Acne

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, then you already know that acne is not caused on the surface of your skin.


The cause of cystic acne, or any type of acne - is that your immune system isn’t as strong as it should be.


I’m not saying your immune system is dangerously weak, but it’s clearly not as strong as it should be – because if it was, then it would easily be strong enough to defend your skin cells against the bacteria causing your acne (but it’s not).


You need to strengthen your immune systems by replenishing your lost antioxidants and compounds.


Where's the Proof of Antioxidants Clearing Acne?


This study alone shows that total antioxidant status is low in people with cystic acne (antioxidants are basically the fuel of your immune system).


You’ll never hear that information from a large acne brand though, because it would be detrimental to the sales of their useless products.


Here’s another Pubmed study that shows how cystic acne sufferers have low vitamin D levels, which is also a crucial antioxidant for immune system strength.


In fact, the Academy of Dermatology recently published this article  along with some others on the subject.


For the past few years they’ve been recognizing the overwhelming evidence supporting the relationship between diet and acne. 


You do have something else though, as I mentioned earlier.


How Did I Finally Clear My Cystic Acne? (And Kept it Away)


I used an oral antioxidant treatment.


You may have heard of them already.


These treatments are relatively new within the past 4 years. But they’re quickly becoming the most popular acne treatment around the world.


It's because they are easily as strong as a prescription medication.


I know this because they were the only thing able to clear me after nearly 8 years of struggling.


I personally use Derma Drinkables, but that doesn't mean the others don't work.


Who Makes These Types of Acne Treatments?


Murad and Derma make the 2 best ones in my opinion.


The only reason I’m blogging on Derma’s website instead of mine is because I offered to write a small blog for them, since their treatment was the first thing able to clear me after all these years.


I'm not saying that Derma Drinkables is the only oral antioxidant treatment that works, because that’s not true - and it would be biased (which I am not).


Anyone who follows me knows that I don’t advertise for anyone or anything.


I’ll tell you what I personally use and why, but never as an advertisement.


Why Do I use Derma?


The reason why I personally use Derma is because they’re a fair amount stronger than the other ones. 


But I would be happier if the price was a bit lower.


They are the most expensive treatment at $25 a pack – something I’m not too fond of.


In Conclusion for You


The good news is that you finally know how to get rid of cystic acne forever.


Although I do have one thing to ask from you in return for what I’ve just told you.


I only ask that you help someone else you know given the chance.


In a few days you’ll probably understand how a suggestion from a friend can change your whole life.


Like it did mine.


It’s still a euphoric feeling for me, even today after more than a full year of having my skin clear.


Whenever I look in a mirror I think about my old situation versus my current one and it just makes me happy.