How I Finally Cleared My Closed Comedones

Alright, let's just get down to it.
You have tiny skin-colored bumps on your forehead or your cheeks (or both).
There could be 10 or 100 of them.
Doesn't matter though - they have the same cause. 
They are EXTREMELY stubborn - I've been there. 
And don't worry, I'm going to tell you how to get rid of them (immediately).
If you listen to my advice, you'll see a difference in 6 hours, and even more the next day.
Let me guess though,
  • Anything you've tried up to this point has failed.
  • You've realized all the treatments out there are the same thing.
  • Everything you read about closed comedones turns out to be useless.
While it just seems to get worse every week?
I know what you're thinking.
I'll get to the point in a second - once I tell you what those bumps really are.
Sometimes they can be known as comedonal acne, but in reality there is no such thing.

So What Are Closed Comedones?

In reality, they don't exist. 
It is actually a yeast infection.
Technically it's an overgrowth of a yeast that is already supposed to be there.
So it's not classified as an infection.
That's right.
A yeast infection.
Not acne. 
I'll tell you what causes it in one second. 
Apparently there are 2 pores on your skin.
If you look closely, they're the extremely small dots next to the pores. 
It's hard to see them unless they're clogged.
filaments, pores and comedonesSMXLL
One is called a filament, the other is just a typical pore.
That's why they don't look like normal pimples - because they never become pimples.
They just stay as little skin-colored bumps.
When these filaments become clogged from an allergic reaction, they won't respond to acne treatments (you already know that).

Comedones Mistaken for Acne

It's HIGHLY COMMON for people (mainly dermatologists) to mistake this condition for acne.
HOWEVER - most of the time acne (normal pimples) will be mixed in with these tiny bumps you refer to as closed comedones (or some type of acne).
If you want get rid of just acne, then you can read how I was able to clear myself in this previous post I wrote.
You can tell the difference by their color.
Acne is red and inflamed while the Pityrosporum is usually the same color as your skin, or a bit lighter.
You can see from this study - even with antibiotic gels the yeast didn't stop growing.
Just to be clear - you do not have closed comedones. Those are just another way of describing a blackhead.

What Are The Causes of This Yeast Overgrowth?

There are 3 major sources of yeast overgrowth (starting with biggest source).
  1. Your diet is more than 25% yeast/bread based (mine used to be 80% at least)
  2. Heat - Even if your diet contains 0% yeast and you have no pets, the heat can cause this yeast overgrowth.
  3. A pet - cats and dogs contains TONS of yeast. They'll spread it to you without question.
I'm going to explain how to stop each cause. For me it was a mix of all 3.

1 - Yeast Based Diet

You have to stop feeding the problem (literally).
More people than you think have a light allergen to yeast but they don't realize it until Folliculitis appears.
I bet half your diet is yeast/ bread based right now. 
Mine was too.
Think it was fun taking bread completely out of my diet?
Clearly it wasn't fun - but if I look in the mirror right now my forehead is completely clear of any little bumps.
Not even a trace.
So in my opinion it's worth it. 
Luckily I'm a huge mashed potato lover, so it wasn't too bad for me.

2- The Heat

This one was also causing overgrowth for me. 
I could tell because when I was cold I couldn't see the bumps nearly as much.
But whenever I was hot they would look worse than ever.
I'm not making this up.

So What's The Solution?

2 words - ice cubes.
This is absolutely crucial advice, I can't stress this next point enough.
After your hot shower - rub an ice cube around your face for about 10 seconds (especially over the closed comedones).
Do this before going to bed too. 
But it's also crucial to do this if you've been sweating at any time during the day.
I know it's not always easy to get your hands on an ice cube.
But it will make a massive difference, trust me.
I carry bunch of ice in my big water bottle all day just in case.
That's not a joke -  some of my friends even started doing it and still do everyday.

3 - How to Defend Against Yeast From Your Pet?

The least major source (still major though). 
This one is easy. 
Once you're done petting or touching any of your animals - simply wash your hands with antibacterial soap.
That should kill anything on your hands that you would have transferred to your face.
And try your best to not touch their face with yours (kissing should be okay though).
I know how difficult that part is especially. 

One Last Word About Your 'Closed Comedones'

Now that you know how to clear yourself of those evil little bumps, the only thing you can do now is to stay disciplined. 
Remember, this type of folliculitis is VERY stubborn.
At first you'll probably cave or forget a few times, but once you see how quickly it starts fading - you'll be more disciplined.
Remember self-discipline is key.
I would still be looking at my bumpy forehead every time I checked the mirror if I hadn't stayed on track.
And trust me when I say that it's worth it.