How I Finally Ended My Butt Pimples Nightmare

I think you've already found out that butt pimples are EXTREMELY stubborn. 


I battled them for years so let's just say I can relate.


The good news is that I found a way to get rid of them - and yes, I'm going to share that with you.


It might have taken 2 weeks but I saw a difference within a few hours.


And most of it cleared within the first week.


I'm going to also tell you what causes these pimples on your butt in the first place.


And I should probably tell you how to prevent it so that it doesn't come back a few weeks later.


The cool part is that most of this stuff can be done at home. 


Anyway, enough of me wasting time.


Let's start,


What Type of Acne Are Butt Pimples?


From my research and experience, there are 3 different options for butt acne. 


They are either hormonal, cystic, or folliculitis.


Here's the important part - you need to know what type of acne you have in order to get rid of it. 


Why is this?


Because in this case - there are completely different remedies and treatments for each type. 




If you have hormonal pimples on your butt, then you would have more than 8-12 pimples (for moderate) - but they would be grouped together, and mostly under the skin. 


The worst part is - this is maximum inflammatory acne (dark reddish and purpleish).


Not to mention it leaves deep-pitted scars that are pretty stubborn once they form - to say the least.


But don't worry I'm going to explain how to fix it.


Cystic on Your Buttocks:


The next type of acne you might have is cystic.


This would mean your pimples on butt or surrounding are SPREAD OUT.


Not only that, but they are large, dark red, and they hurt say the least.


These will usually appear as whiteheads, which can be popped - but they'll just keep coming back if you don't find something to stop them (which I'll get to in a second).


But as you can see from this forum page, cystic pimples on the butt are generally common (I'm saying that based off my experience, not the forum)




This one is really easy to identify. 


You can tell because you would have little baby bumps everywhere, and grouped together. 


You probably thought these were butt pimples, but they're not.


Folliculitis is a yeast infection caused by too much yeast, and heat combined. 


According to Dr. Shereene Idriss, a well known New York City Dermatologist, its highly common for people to have these little bumps on butt skin or on regions of the buttocks. 


Here's a post to read if you are suffering from these bumps. 


The post is about these bumps on the forehead, but it's the same exact thing.


Now we're moving onto the causes, 


What Causes Butt Acne?


Here is where you have to be a detective and seriously think as hard as you can. 


You have around 7 possibilities of what's causing your acne. 


It might be a combination of 2, but usually nothing over that.


If you can't figure it out don't worry, I'm only doing this for your own knowledge - so that you know once and for all what's truly causing your acne on your butt. 


Like I said before, I still found something that is strong enough to heal you (not a prescription or anything like that) no matter what type of pimples you're dealing with (hormonal or cystic). 


1. Hormones:


I know everybody hates hearing this, but some people just have hormonal issues. 


The good part is that it doesn't matter if your acne on your butt is caused by hormones - because I still know how to heal it.


If it is caused by hormones though, you'll know it (I described it above). 


You can also tell if it's hormonal because it's the most hardy type of acne - meaning it won't respond to anything no matter how strong. 


Anyway moving on,


2. Poor Diet: 


If you haven't read any of my past blogs, then you don't know that if you have a bad immune system - you will DEFINITELY suffer from acne.  


Over years of not getting enough nutrients, you might have accidentally made yourself acne-prone by damaging your immune system.


This article published from the Harvard Medical School Journal explains in detail why food is fuel for the immune system (meaning the right types of food).  


3. Genetics:


Here's the problem.


Some people eat healthier than all of us but they still have butt pimples or just acne in general. 


Why does that happen?


Because our immune system is inherited to us through genetics. 


As you can see from this study about immune system genetics, this is not just my opinion. 


You already knew this though - just think of all of the other things you inherited from your parents. 


And remember genetic diseases?


Don't get me wrong, I know your environment is a large factor, but not as much as you think.


Odds are, that if 1 of your parents have issues with their immune system then you could do - just as any other gene or trait you've inherited from them.


4. Combination of Poor Diet & Genetics:


Obviously it could be a combination of a diet that's lacking nutrients along with genetics. 


To be honest it's more common than you think. 


They go hand in hand, so I could have grouped them together (but it would have been too long).


As I keep saying though - I still know how to heal it (so don't panic)


5. Lack of Hygiene - Not Washing Properly in the Shower:

This is the case with a large amount of butt acne sufferers. 


Most people don't even think about washing their butt in the shower, but it's crucial if you're acne prone there. 


I treated the skin on my butt like it was the skin on my face.


I used an exfoliating body wash, and sometimes used my antibacterial body wash (just a drop). 


If you want to see a more detailed washing routine then you can see it from this article. 


Also remember to gently pat your skin dry, don't rub it (trust me)


The problem is that the skin on your butt is highly sensitive, but it's locked away inside your sweaty pants all day.


Not to mention whenever you sit down it's being suffocated.


Which leads me to my next point, 


6. Clothes:


It's crucial to wear clothes that allow your skin to breathe. 


Wearing cotton is probably your best bet for preventing butt pimples according to Dr. Alexiades.


Especially if you are working out - go with cotton.


Other fabrics like silk and polyester trap in the warm air your body creates - which only deprives you pores and skin cells of the oxygen they need to survive. 


Think about it - our skin wasn't designed to have fabric against it at ALL TIMES, day and night. 


It makes sense that it would irritate our skin and cause a whole mess of problems. 


The worst is for sensitive areas of the skin, like your butt or your back (mostly butt though).


Things get even worse when your body heats up, while already in a warm climate (whether it's inside or outside).


Then the heat becomes trapped beneath your clothes, which is NOT GOOD if you're acne prone on your buttocks region like myself. 


This leads me to my next point,


7. Sweat Glands - Placement & Humid Environment:


Some people unfortunately have overactive sweat glands in certain places. 


Everyone has one place wear they sweat more than anywhere else (or some people just sweat a lot).


Mine is on my forehead (not that it matters).


But if you sweat on your butt regularly (especially if you're sitting down), then you might be in for some trouble. 


If you add a humid climate to the mix, you'll have some problems if you're acne prone. 


8. Slouching All Day in Your Seat:


This one could be important. 


I know it sounds odd but you'll understand when you realize what I mean by trying it yourself. 


Try sitting straight up instead of slouching in your chair all day. 


Sitting up straight puts pressure on your upper LEGS more than your butt.


If you slouch, you'll suffocate the skin that's acne prone, and the worse your butt pimples will be. 


Severity of Your Pimples on Butt


Whether it's cystic or hormonal, it's important to know the severity of it before I tell you the treatments.


Some people might have a small pimple on their butt - while others could have 50 that are badly inflamed. 


This matter because I'm about to tell you how to get rid of butt pimples in about 13 days (we'll call it 2 weeks).


If you don't know the severity of your pimples down there - you might be undecided on which treatment to use. 


Alright well let's continue, 


1. Mild:


If you have mild acne on your butt, you would only have 2-3 light-colored pimples.


They would not be inflamed. 


2. Moderate:


If you have moderate - you'll have around 6-10 pimples on your butt.


The color would be a darker red since they would be inflamed to an extent. 


3. Severe:


I think you would know if it was severe.


You would have around 15-20 pimples or more.


Not to mention they would be terrible inflamed. 


Now for the best part - how to get rid of butt pimples forever. 


I know you've been waiting so I'll make this short and sweet. 


Treatments for Acne on Butt:


The first 5 treatments are more for people with mild acne - although it's a very wise idea to do these no matter how badly you have it. 


Number 6 is for people with moderate to severe acne.


While 7 is only for people with badly severe acne (you need a prescription for this one, and it's not easy to get). 


If you really want to know how to get pimples off your butt then you should read carefully.


What I mean is that every piece of information you need to clear yourself is in the following text.


So try your best not to miss anything,


1. Wash Yourself in the Shower: 


Good hygiene is very important for treating acne on butt skin according to Dr. Shereene Idriss.


Your pores collect bacteria all day long - think about how many toilet seats you've sat on.


If you don't cleanse your pores on your butt skin while in the shower then your begging for pimples to form if you're prone to them. 


Here's something you must remember though - after washing yourself - you need to wash your hands with antibacterial body wash.


That's to prevent anything from spreading to your face by accident. 


I know it sounds skipable - but it's absolutely not. 


2. Change Your Diet:


Eat food that contains the fuel your cells need to fight off the infecting bacteria that causes acne.


The food I'm talking about are vegetables and fruits (more vegetables though). 


3. Clothes:


Try clothes that breathe - like cotton. 


Like I mentioned before, this is a huge necessity. 


4. Ice After Shower And Before Bed to Fight Inflammation:


If you want to know more about this - then you can read this blog I previously wrote about redness & inflammation. 


I can tell you first hand that it will make everything clear a little bit faster than it would otherwise (at least with an antioxidant treatment).


Ice is a major acne healer - I know it sound insane, the thought of icing your butt, but I did it and i'm 99.9% sure it helped me clear faster. 


Just take an ice cube and rub it around the affected areas for 5-10 seconds after showering.


You'll probably notice an improvement by night time if you did it in the morning.


5. Sleep on Your Side, Not Your Back


This goes along with my posture tip before.


If you are prone to butt pimples, then don't trap your pores underneath your body weight (basically choking them).


If you're able to without being terribly uncomfortable - sleep on your side instead of your back, so that your butt isn't pressed against your mattress. 

What I Used to Clear Myself


Here comes what most of you have been waiting for (those who have it moderately or worse),


An Oral Antioxidant Treatment:


This is what I've been hinting to you about. 


That's only because I tried everything you could possibly think of to get rid of of these damn pimples on my butt, and nothing worked except this.


I didn't just buy it for my butt acne though, since I had acne on my face too - but everything was healed so it didn't matter. 


Bottom line is - you should probably look some of these up if you have moderate acne on your butt or worse. 


The one is used is called Derma Drinkables (I'm blogging on their website right now), but they're not they only one.


A company called Murad also makes one which isn't bad. 


I like Derma because it's much stronger (and has vitamin A). 


But the downside is that it costs more than I would like it to - which is definitely annoying. 


By the 2nd day though, almost all of my inflammation was gone (on my butt and face - and even my neck).


By the 3rd and 4th day it was all fading so much that every time I looked in the mirror I felt like screaming (in joy). 


I know that sounds corny but it was just a really great feeling - and it's not easy to translate into words. 


I admit that I wasn't 100% clear in 6 days, that would be insane - but I was a good 80-90% clearer which was pretty amazing.


In total it took a little more than 2 full weeks to clear everything 100%.


Anyway enough about that - now for the last step 












6. Natural Treatments


There's a few other natural ways that I didn't mention. This article does a good job of covering them though.


It just mentions a few things to avoid like tight-fitted clothing and fabric softeners. 










7. Antibiotics Like Accutane:


This one might sound a little bit obvious, but if you have so many butt pimples that you can barely even see your skin, then you need something like Accutane. 


Even if that was the case, you'd still have to convince a doctor to prescribe it to you - which is next to impossible unless you have it on your face just as badly. 




Not only that, but it will take as long as 2-3 months for you to even get the prescription (after the blood tests and 2 follow-up appointments). 


Plus don't even get me started on the side effects (birth defects and permanent organ damage are at the top of the list).


In my opinion it's just something to avoid unless you literally can't even see your skin anymore.


An antioxidant is strong enough for basically anyone in my opinion, and there's no prescription needed.


One Final Thing


Since you know how to clear your butt pimples now, just make sure you know what treatments you can use. 


If you only have mild acne but you think you need something stronger than a mild-treatment, then use something stronger - it will only help in the long run.


Remember the small things also - things like good hygiene can help more than you think when it comes to prevention. 


Good luck!