How I Finally Ended My Forehead Acne Plague

It all started on my forehead. 


Every time I spoke with someone, I felt they were staring at the whiteheads on my forehead. 


My Forehead Acne Current Situation:


Right now I don't have any forehead acne, not even a trace of it.


I do occasionally get a small pimple or two.


Or maybe notice a light breakout emerging, but it’s gone by the next day.


And I’m serious when I say the word occasional.


For the rest of this post, I’m going to explain to you exactly how to get rid of forehead acne.


And it didn’t happen over a few months or weeks - it happened within days.


About 3-4 days to be exact.


I saw a serious improvement within the 12 hours though. 


I know how insane that probably sounds, I still have trouble believe it myself (but it’s the truth).


The Ongoing Struggle With Acne on My Forehead


Too many dermatologists and PA’s have told me that I don’t have acne severe enough to be prescribed a medication.


They didn’t understand how nasty my breakouts would get.


So I would be stuck with benzoyl peroxide cream and face wash (which had never worked, and I would tell them that constantly).


There’s been a few times where my face was in full breakout-mode while I was seeing my doctor.


This happened twice. Both times I begged her to write me a prescription for something.


So she did.


She wrote me a prescription, for something called doxycycline. 


Did I Mention That I Hate Pills?

I had the same experience both times taking it.


It took 2 weeks to finally begin making a noticeable difference, and it wouldn’t improve much.


But it did make my breakouts and acne on forehead less terrible for that time period.


The issue was that she would only write me a 30 day script, with only 1 refill.


And when it ran out, things got bad.


Once I stopped taking it, my acne came back much worse than it was before. 


My Old Go-To Strategy For My Forehead Acne


My original strategy was going to the skincare isle every month and buying different acne creams and cleansers on the shelves.

Maybe a few of them showed promise for a day or 2.


But not much.


Then my face would get worse again, even worse than before.


This basically continued for my entire teenage, high school, and about half of college of my college years when it began to ease up.


I did my best to cover it all up with makeup, even though I knew it made it worse (but I couldn't find anything better).


For the past 2 years, I was doing much better for some reason. 


But I still had at least 1 or 2 bad breakouts every month.


Then it Came Back With a Vengeance.


Around 3 months ago when I switched jobs, it started coming back – and badly.


It came back just as bad as it had been at during high school.


I was miserable because I felt helpless - the same way I had felt in high school, and I was starting at a new company to make it 10 times worse.


This time though I refused to give up as easily.


I started texting all my friends asking if they knew an acne treatment that actually worked.


Not some cheap face cream or laser mask crap.


I knew it needed to be something strong.


But I wasn’t going to risk taking myself down a track of hell again by starting on antibiotics.


It didn’t matter though because one of my friends in my groupchat sent me a picture of something that ended up changing my life.


It was something called Derma Drinkables


What Causes Forehead Acne?


I learned from their website that a weak immune system might be the cause of acne.


And that certain antioxidants were able to heal it (and fast).


I wasn't totally convinced though,


If it makes you feel any better, I also found a bunch of successful studies which show the healing effects of antioxidants against acne.


Like this 2012 study -  that found antioxidants were able to clear acne by 80%.


I know reading a study won’t help clear your acne. 


But I thought it might make you feel a little more comfortable with oral antioxidant treatments.


I'm not the first person to have major success with antioxidants. It's been happening for th


This article written by Seppo Puusa from his website on giving acne advice (called Acneeinstein), is also something to read if you want to see more evidence.


When I Learned How to Get Rid of Forehead Acne


I didn't know it at the time, but from this point forward it was smooth sailing for me.


She said her face was cleared in a couple of days, and has been staying clear ever since she started this treatment.


I saw the website was home to a seemingly newer treatment called Derma-Drinkables.


I immediately noticed the product was a drinkable, instead of a cream/topical product that I was used to buying.


This was interesting because I figured it must be stronger than something applied onto the skin. 


I decided that ordering a few packs would be worth a try, so I did.


They came a day later and I started by taking 1 bottle after eating my breakfast and dinner, so 2 bottles each day in total.


The first day:


The first day I remember seeing a small, but legitimate improvement.


Nothing I could get too excited about though, since it was only day 1.


It was the next day where I noticed a real difference.


I looked in the mirror that morning and couldn’t help but grin at how much my acne had lessened since 2 days prior.


I knew by the level of improvement that this was a treatment that could potentially change my life – and it did.


How to Prevent Forehead Acne


Since you know how to get rid of forehead acne, now I'll tell you how to prevent it. 


I’ve now been using it on and off for months and I’ve been almost entirely clear since the first week.


The only time I have anything pop up now is when I haven’t taken them for a week (give or take).


And when it does come back it’s not even close to as bad as it used to be.


I don’t even get big or red whiteheads at all anymore.


I do get maybe 1 or 2 whiteheads every other week – but they’re barely red and extremely small.


I literally pop it, wash my face off, and you can’t tell anything was there.


My life has changed beyond my imagination.


You don't realize how truly stressful and upsetting acne is until you've gotten rid of it.


At least I didn't.


I knew it stressed me out, but I hadn't realized how much.


The Mental Effects of Clearing the Acne on My Forehead


The way I feel now compared to before is a night and day difference (without a doubt).


If you have severe forehead acne (I mean really severe - like 50 or more large and inflamed pimples):


I’m going to be completely honest.


If you have a case like that -  then a prescription of Accutane is the only thing that will help you.


Don’t worry though, only a tiny percentage of acne sufferers have this condition.


But if you have multiple breakouts each month, while you’re popping new whiteheads everyday or so, and you have patches of stubborn acne that only get worse – then you’re going to be approaching clear in matter of days.


In 2-3 days though you’ll see an enormous difference without question.


Like most people, I noticed a difference within a few hours.


I realized that everything had almost no redness compared to how it usually was.


Every pimple was much lighter and faded out, which made them a lot less noticeable.


What If You Have Acne Somewhere Else on Your Face (Besides Your Pimples on Forehead)?


Trust me when I say that having acne on your forehead isn't some rare disease without a cure.


Just remember, plenty of people have been in your shoes before, and they've gotten out of it (like me).


Even if it's something like cystic acne, it can be cleared using the same treatment. 


How do I know that?


I've experienced it first hand with my own case of cystic acne on my chin.


If you want to hear a good story about how to clear up your chin then you should read my sister's post about her cystic (we're twins).


I honestly didn't have it as badly as she did so that's why I'm recommending her post (not my usual thing). 


Of course I got stuck with the forehead acne, which I think is worse.


The Bottom Line Here?


I've been suggesting this treatment to people I know on a weekly basis, and every single person I’ve recommended has continued using it since they’ve begun.


But that doesn't say much for you.


The best thing you can do is read their experiences and try learning from them.


Now that you have all of the information you'll ever need - you can finally be clear.


No need to thank me, just help another person if you're ever given the chance.