How I Finally Ended My Little Bumps on Forehead Plague (It's Not Acne)

I'm going to tell you the story of how I cleared the tiny, colorless bumps on my forehead within 2-3 weeks.


But I saw a real difference within a few minutes.


The next day was just as great, and everyday it just kept improving.


Probably one of the greatest feeling I've ever felt to be honest (I'm weird, I know).


And just FYI - I'm probably the only person on the entire internet who knows this (so I HIGHLY suggest paying close attention).


If you've read my previous posts you already know that I've had cystic acne all over my face.


It was also mixed with nasty hormonal breakouts (time of the month) and stubborn whiteheads.


Not to mention small red spots that would pop up randomly. 


But this story isn’t about how I simply took a treatment and got rid of the bumps on my forehead, because that’s not what happened.


Anyone with these small colorless bumps knows they are EXTREMELY stubborn.


I'll explain everything.


How I Knew These Bumps on My Skin Weren't Acne?


It all started when my acne finally began to disappear.


I had just started using the Derma (drinkables) treatment for acne - as you might know.


(It's the reason I offered to blog on their website)


At the time, these small bumps were all over my forehead for about a year maybe.


I was expecting them to clear after I noticed how much my cystic was fading after the first couple days of using the treatment - but it never happened.


I was still excited about finding something for my acne, but it was bittersweet - because it made me realize the bumps on my skin could be a whole different animal.


What Happened After I Got Rid of My Acne


After a week or so I realized the bumps actually did clear up from the treatment a bit, but only about 30%.


I honestly didn't know what to do at that point.


So I ended up calling the Derma company and basically explaining my situation the way I just did.


The guy on the phone was very polite, and I asked him if he was able to give me some guidance on the tiny and colorless bumps on my forehead.


What Are These Bumps on Forehead or Forehead Region?


The first thing he said was that these bumps are very common, and that he could make a suggestion if I would allow it – which I did needless to say.


He told me that these bumps might be a product of a yeast infection called Folliculitis.


It's also called fungal acne or Malassezia.


Apparently there are more than a few types of it like you can from this.


He said it’s an extremely common condition, and 95% of the time is mistaken as acne – even by Dermatologists.


I actually found a few studies about how often it’s mistaken for acne.


Here’s one from Medical News Today if you feel like reading it.


I learned the causes of Folliculitis are not the same as acne.


That’s why I couldn’t clear it with an acne treatment.


So I decided to do my own research on the condition.


How Long it Took Me to Clear My Skin?


After about 2 weeks I finally found what was causing it.


It took me another month to find out how to clear it.


But once I did learn how, there was a noticeable change in minutes.


After about 2 and a half weeks I was 95% clear.


It wasn't easy I won't lie, but I'm just glad to be cleared for once.


Don't worry though I'll tell you every detail.


What Are the Causes of These little Bumps on Your Skin?


There are a few possible causes of the infection.


Once you know whats causing it, you can quickly stop it and clear your forehead.


Here Are The 3 Possible Causes of Folliculitis on The Forehead: 


I put them in no particular order, just random.


1.Heat Rash


This can be the case if you sweat during the day whether it’s from workout, cardio, or even just hot showers.


If you work in a humid or warm environment, it can happen even if you aren't sweating.


Solution - Ice


Rub an ice cube on your forehead after taking a shower, or sweating of any type.


It might sound ridiculous but you’ll see the bumps start to fade within minutes every time.

2. Eating Any Type of Grain/ Wheat/ Gluten


Folliculitis is a yeast infection, so the more yeast you eat, the more fuel it gains.


Solution - Stop Grain


Stop eating any type of grain, gluten or wheat – It’s harder than you think, but it can make a difference within a day. 


There are highly respected dermatologists like Dr. Mericola who say the same thing. 


Eating more vegetables is also crucial for strengthening the immune system.


3. Dog/ Cat or Animal Fur


Dogs and cats sometimes have small yeast infections which can be spread by touching your face after petting them (without washing your hands first)


Even their dander throughout the house can affect you.


According to this dermatologist, the stuff that causes fungal acne is actually contagious. 


You can read this if you want to know more about the contagious thing.

Solution - Wash Hands


Wash your hands after touching any kind of animal with fur.


This is very important if you have a pet.


4. Yeast Again


Just remember though, the primary cause is almost always a yeast-based diet.


Things like heat and animal dander may aggravate it, but they aren't the MAIN cause.

 Even the head of clinical research at Mount Sinai hospital in NYC, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, said that yeast causes inflammation to form tiny bumps that fill with pus.

You can read everything he says from this post if you'd like.


Cutting out yeast from your diet is surprisingly hard.


But it'll be worth it without question.


You could even think of it as some sort of skin/diet combination.


That's what I did at least. 


What Was Causing The Bumps on My Own Forehead to Form?


For me the causes were the first two, mainly the first though.


My diet was completely dominated by bread/ grain based foods.


Plus I sweated multiple times throughout the day - whether it was in the gym or a hot shower/sauna.


Once I kicked bread, grain and gluten out of my diet, I started seeing a small difference within a few days.


Studies like this one here,  confirm that your gut is highly responsible for what happens to your skin.


But once I started rubbing an ice cube on my face after sweating during the day and after showering,


The difference was major – the bumps were not even half as bad as they had been the past few years.


About a week or so later they were essentially all gone –it really was an indescribable feeling.


The Turnout 


Anyway that’s my journey. 


I know I don't have the same genes or the same skin tone as you.


But I just know from my own suggestions and experiences that it works better than anything you'll ever find online or in a store.


I hope this post is able to clear these miserable bumps on forehead skin of anyone reading.


Just use what’s above and you’ll be clear in a few weeks without question.