How I Finally Got My Acne on Cheeks Plague Under Control

For some reason, the world has made it impossible for people like you and me to clear cheek acne.


(as you can see in the picture above)


It took me about 7 years to clear myself.


But when I finally did get my hands on the treatment that healed me, it only took about a week and a half to clear the majority of it.


The first few days were literally euphoric. 


I still can't remember the last time I felt so amazing to be honest.


To this day I still have trouble believing that I don’t have it anymore.


It still feels fake to me – even at this moment right now while I'm writing.


My Current Cheek Acne Situation


Don’t get me wrong,


I still get a few pimples on cheeks or my chin every once in a while, but they’re always extremely small, and not red.


And they're gone by the end of the day.


And most importantly, they’re due to my own laziness (which is perfectly fine with me). 


They usually have a tiny little head – and when popped it instantly shrinks, and becomes even less visible.


There’s just nothing inside of them because they’re so small.


Not to mention I only get a couple small ones every month or so, compared to a few each day like I used to – and those were big/ red ones.




Before I tell you how to get rid of your acne on cheeks and cheek region,


I’m going to first explain why you have it, and why it’s so difficult to clear.


Then you’ll understand how I cleared myself.


FYI, you could just skip all the way down to the bottom if you’d like, but you’d be missing out on crucial stuff.


Lets get started,


Why It's So Difficult to Clear Your Acne On Cheeks?


It's because when acne sufferers like you and I need help, we either go to the dermatologist or the internet.


I’ll bet you already found out that dermatologists are a waste of money and time.


They’ll just give you some benzoyl peroxide, and try to squeeze you for 3 expensive appointments.


You know how it goes.

Then if you really have it severe enough, they’ll give you an antibiotic that barely improves anything after 3 weeks of taking it.


But it also makes things twice as worse once you stop – you probably know the story.


The internet is just as bad though.


There are thousands of worthless articles – all explaining how acne can be cured by some home remedy, or some face wash or cream.


Well it can’t.


Anyone with a brain can see that.


Washing your face twice per day might help prevent some of it, but you and I know that it doesn’t get rid of anything.


For example, Dr. Sandra Lee explains in this video why using salicylic acid is crucial, but in my opinion it doesn’t bring any results.


Why it Took Me So Long to Clear My Cheeks?


It took me years of trial and error to clear myself, mainly due to these articles and false information.


I think it would have been gone years ago, if every article wasn’t written by a person or company trying to sell their own skimpy acne cream or cleansers.


Which all bring zero results as you know, and have the same ingredients as every other acne product.


Do you notice something similar between acne creams, regimens, gels, face washes, home remedies, and any other pointless tactic found on the internet?


They’re all topical forms of treatment. 


Meaning you apply it to the surface of your skin.


Here’s the thing about topical acne treatments though - they don't work well.


They suck (pardon my French).


Benzoyl peroxide can even make acne worse according to this article.


They might work for that person who gets the occasional pimple.


But not for people who seriously need to get rid of acne.


Why Don't Topical Treatments Bring Results?


Well, in short because they’re too weak.


All they can do is exfoliate, but not nearly fast enough.


They can’t do anything about what causing your acne.


And it doesn’t matter what type of acne you have, the cause is the same for all of it – despite what you’ve probably read elsewhere.


How Weak Are They?


Think of them as an extremely slow and rusty pair of windshield wipers, that only get worse every swipe.


And think of your acne as a giant storm cloud raining heavily down upon you.


That’s how useless topical acne treatments are.


However I do suggest washing your face once per day with an exfoliating face wash.


It won’t help much but it might help prevent more from coming (barely though).


Why You Haven't Been Able to Clear Your Cheeks?


If you don’t stop the cause of your acne, then its not going away anytime soon.


You can’t just sit back and fight the effects, you must stop the cause.


Or it will only continue getting worse.


And no, I’m not about to tell you to make some lifestyle change or something like that.


I’ll get to the answer in a second (I know you’re waiting for it).


The first day you attack the causes of your acne, you will notice a massive improvement in your face within 24-48 hours.


Everything will decrease in size and redness almost immediately – within a few hours you will notice things starting to fade.


In about 5-9 days it will be about 98% gone.


By day 10 you won’t be able to find a trace of it.


If you’re dealing with breakouts though, you’ll be clear in about 2-3 days (judging on how bad it is).


Then What Causes Cheek Acne?


Alright no more beating around the bush.


Let’s get to the main point here.


The fact is that we’ve been fed some garbage about how acne is caused by a clogged pore or hair follicle.


Like this.

Well obviously that’s true – but that’s like saying that runny-noses happen due to mucus build up in the nose.


CLEARLY we know that already.


The real cause of a runny nose is because your body is sick and fighting an infection.


Creating mucus is one of your body’s many forms of defend itself.


Everyone knows that.


Well it’s the same exact thing with acne.


It only happens because your body is creating extra sebum (the stuff inside whiteheads). 


This happens only to protect your cells against the attacking bacteria though.


That’s what an infection is. 


What’s the True Cause of The Acne on Your Cheeks?


A weakened immune system.


The cause of acne is a weakened immune system.


There’s no mystery here.


Because if your immune system was strong enough, it would be able to defend your skin cells against the bacteria causing it – but it can’t.


So How Do You Stop The Cause?


The only way to stop the cause is by strengthening your immune system – which runs off specific nutrients, antioxidants and minerals found in certain types of foods.


You Can Do 2 Different Things:


The quick way, or the not so quick way.


The difference is that the quick way costs money and the other way not so much.


I personally do both ways.


The not so quick way, is changing your diet.


That means eating vegetables instead of what you would normally eat.


But I’m warning you, it could take months to see any real improvement.

It still helps though.


You can read this previous post I found about the best foods to eat for acne.


The Better Way is Using a Treatment (In My Opinion)


The quick way is with a treatment, More specifically - an oral antioxidant treatment.


These kinds of treatments are only a couple of years old, so some people still haven’t heard of them.


But if you haven’t then you will shortly.


They are becoming known as the first thing to legitimately clear constant acne and breakouts (and very quickly too).


For me it was mostly my acne on cheeks, my jawline and my chin. 


They’re not just the most effective treatment though – These are incomparable to anything else that’s ever been available for acne in my opinion at least.


I say that based on how many successful and proven cases I’ve seen myself in the past year. 


I know I'm making them sound like they’re too good to be true, but you can see for yourself.


There are hundreds if not thousands of positive reviews about these treatments.


What I Used to Clear My Cheeks


I researched around for a few days before finding the one I thought would fit me best.


I personally use the Derma treatment (Derma Drinkables),


But they all get the job done eventually I would think.


Murad makes one too and it's cheaper, just nowhere near as strong as Derma's.


I’m only blogging for Derma because their treatment was the one thing able to clear me after nearly 8 years of acne.


I also wanted to help spread the word because I knew how many others needed it, who were in the same position that I was.


I won’t lie though, I’m not too pleased with the price of Derma’s treatment as it is the most expensive one - but it’s by far the strongest, which is why I use it (everyone's different though).


In Conclusion


Anyway, I think that covers everything I said we would cover.


Now you know specifically why you have your acne on cheeks, and why you couldn’t stop it before.


More importantly is that you finally know how to stop it now.


So do yourself a favor and enjoy this next week, because it’s going to be the best one you’ve had in a while (if you’re planning on listening to my advice).


And I highly suggest you do, because if you don’t then chances are that your cheek acne isn’t going anywhere for a while.


That's one thing I learned the hard way, and I don't want to see the same for you or anyone else.