How I Finally Got My Acne on Neck Plague Under Control

Pimples on neck skin are pure evil.


Probably the most stubborn type of acne from my experience.


For some reason they just don't go away easily.


Usually it's giant whiteheads, or just red bumps.


If you were to reference a face map it would show that the neck area is usually prone to hormonal acne.


But that really doesn't do much for you does it.


All you want to know if how to get rid of it immediately – and how to keep it gone.


I used to be one of its victims so I can relate to how hard it is to get rid of.


That's why I'm going to show you how I got rid of my pimples on neck almost immediately - and made sure they never came back.


Anyway lets get started.


What Causes Neck Acne?


As I mentioned before, acne on neck skin is almost always classified as hormonal acne.


According to most dermatologists like Alana Biggers, hormonal acne is caused by 'fluctuating hormones'. 


But that's only a theory. 


Most dermatologists claim that the cause of hormonal acne is still unknown.


If you don't believe me you can read this Medical News Today article.


My question is - why isn't there a cure if they know exactly what causes it? - referring to hormonal imbalances.


(probably because it's not the cause)


But again this doesn't help you.


So I'm not even going to discuss the causes any further.


Then What Should You Do?


I'm assuming you already know that face washes and creams don't really do much, or anything at all.


That's goes for the majority of acne suffers not just the neck.


Even if its just mild to moderate acne there is literally nothing out there that gets rid of it – and there never has been.


Its an extremely demoralizing feeling there's no question.


Feeling helpless and suppressed by our your own body is not fun.


Especially if you do it every day for 7 straight years.


Here's the thing. Normally I would make a guide or a 3 step instruction sheet to follow in order to get rid of acne in a certain region.


But I can't do that for neck acne because no matter what home remedy you try its just not going to do much.


There is a Specific Reason Why You Have Hormonal Acne


It doesn't matter how much cream or face wash you apply to the outside of your skin.


If you don't fix the inside cause that is specifically making your acne form – then you will never get rid of it.


Trust me after 7 years of trying, I can tell you it's the only truth.


So Whats Really Causing Your Pimples on Neck to Form?


Lets break it down:


The reason your body creates acne is because its producing too much sebum.


Unfortunately the only way your body can get rid of the sebum is by pushing it out through the pores on your face – resulting in acne/breakouts/pimples.


The Reason for This Excess Sebum?


Your body creates sebum as a defense mechanism against bacterial infection.


These bacteria are known as skin flora, the definition is here if you want to know more.


Bacteria is always in contact with our skin cells no matter where we are.


If your cells are to weak to defend themselves they immediately become attacked by the surrounding bacteria. 


These bacteria are actually living on your skin 24-7, but they won't cause any harm unless your immune system is heavily weakened. 


And when your cells are under attack - your body responds by producing excess sebum in order to coat and protect your cells.


The weaker your cells are the more sebum your body produces.


If you want to know the details of sebum and where it comes from - this article should do the job.


So - now you know that your acne is caused by your cells being unable to defend themselves.


But Why? And How Can You Change That? And What Happens When You Do?


The reason they can't defend themselves is because they dont have enough of the necessary nutrients, compounds, minerals and vitamins.


Everyone is born with different levels of these substances – thats why some people get acne and others don't.


But the only way our body can obtain these now is by the food you eat.

I'm not suggesting you change your diet though because its impractical and it may take months for you to see any noticeable difference in your skin.


So whether its because you failed to provide yourself with the necessary amount of these substances over the past 10 years,


Or because you were simply born with defencies – the only way to heal yourself is by replenishing your levels of what your cells need to succesffuly defend themselves.


I know I just said that diet was the only way to do that.


But that could take months.


Remember it could have taken you 10 years of poor dieting to reach your current state.


So its going to take a treatment much stronger to raise your levels back to where they are supposed to be.


Here's What I'm Talking About


I'm specifically referring to an oral antioxidant treatment.


And in my opinion they are the only thing that works.


I'll go even further and say that there is nothing else that even comes close to comparing with it.


For 7 years I searched almost EVERY DAY. And had absolutely zero success.


You've probably been experiencing something similar.


Except these cleared my entire face and neck in about 9 days for the most part.


By the second day I could tell it was making an impressive difference – much more than anything I've had before.


Barely any redness while things were much smaller.


By the fourth day it seemed like it was dissipating faster each day.


And by the seventh or so it was clear that only a few more days and everything would be almost all faded.


Those two weeks felt like my mind was being cleared of some sort of depression fog that had been looming inside of me for 7 years.


I honestly didn't even realize how badly my mental state was being oppressed until my chin and neck acne began to clear.


Nobody should have to deal with that oppression.


You've probably heard of these type of treatments without noticing  it since they are beginning to get a fair amount of exposure.


Why These Treatments Are So Effective?


The reason they're so effective is because they're essentially as strong as prescription-required antibiodic – but don't require a prescription due to their natural properties.


I typically order a few packs of Derma Drinkables each month or so. The reason I prefer Derma is because it has beta carotene (here are the ingredients). But I'm sure the others work just as well.


Derma is more expensive because it's so much stronger (which is kind of annoying) but it's whatever you prefer.


The reason I'm writing blogs for Derma in the first place is because the treatment had helped me so much and I wanted to return the favor by spreading the word about it.


But that doesn't mean I'm not going to be critical about certain things like they're higher price.












Home Remedies for Pimples on Neck


If you don't have the option of spending money, there are still things you can do to clear your neck. 


This article gives some great advice,and it's specifically for neck acne.


If you don't feel like reading it, I listed the main points below:


1. Use a new laundry detergent.


2. Avoid shirts that are tight around your neck or collar.


3. Shower after you sweat .


4. Eat less sugary foods. Try eating antioxidant packed foods - awesome acne-fighters.

5. Try using a new shampoo.


6. Gently glide an ice cube around your neck everyday after showering.


Don't get me wrong, I know these steps probably aren't going to be the answer for you.


But they're still important for preventing neck acne. 


Trust me. Once my acne was gone I started doing little things like these just to make sure it wouldn't come back.


Now I don't even have to think about doing these habits because they're ingrained into my daily lifestyle.


When it comes to acne, making a lifestyle change is major.


My Concluding Advice


I've spent the majority of my adult life suffering from cystic and hormonal acne on neck skin.


If you had pimples on neck skin or chin region then you know how painful they can be also. 


My only advice is to keep on moving along, because if I had stopped on my journey then I never would have ended up clear myself.