How I FINALLY Got My Jawline Acne Plague Under Control

I am about to make your entire day, week and year. 


Because I'm going to tell you exactly how I cleared my jawline acne within 2 weeks.


But I saw a real difference within 10-24 hours (a big difference)


This isn't just for acne around your jawline though.


It'll work no matter where you have it (but I had it mostly on my jawline)


Unlike most of my posts,


I’m going to dive straight into this one because I’ve struggled with jawline acne for years.


So I know how miserable those red clusters or giant, and extremely painful pimples can be.


I had a mix of cystic and hormonal, so I completely understand how you feel - to say the least.


Not to mention that it took me a whole decade to finally get my hands on something strong enough to clear me – and keep everything gone.


And it wasn't antibiotics or some corny acne regimen.


I already tried those about 200 times.


I’m Not Talking About Another Face Wash or Benzoyl Peroxide Product


You already know those products are useless.


Don’t get confused though - I’m not saying to stop washing your face.


I finally cleared myself about 9 months ago, but it happened within 2 weeks (well about 95%)


The rest took another week just about.


Everyday I wake up and look in the mirror it still doesn't feel real to me. 


My passion now though is helping people like you in the same position I was.


First I'm going to explain why you have jawline acne.


Then I'll tell you exactly how to get rid of it.


So lets get to the point,


Why is Jawline Acne So Stubborn?


The problem is that this area of your face needs something much stronger than a topical face wash or cream.


Washing your face should still be done for hygienic purposes, but it just can't clear any kind of acne.


Topical acne products just aren't strong enough.


I't be a miracle if you could just rub something like this on your face everyday and never have to worry.

But you know that's not how it works (maybe in the future though).


They might help keep it from getting worse, but they never make anything go away (you already know that though).


That's because they're only able to defend and fight acne from the SURFACE of your skin.


They can't stop what's causing your acne to appear on the surface.


That should help explain why your acne NEVER seems to stop.


Sure it might slow down or disappear for a while (if you have mild acne).


But it always keeps coming, like an army with an infinite amount soldiers.


Sometimes creams and facial cleansers can even worsen your acne - you can read this post if you want to know more about that.


What Causes Acne Around Your Jawline?


I’ve found that jawline acne is caused by an effect of a chemical deficiency or imbalance inside of your body.


So instead of constantly trying to control the effect of this deficiency, wouldn’t it be smarter to fix the cause instead?


I’m not alone on this subject either.


Seppo Puusa from Acneeinstein has written a number of articles like this one, about the root cause of acne.


Sounds too good to be true, I know.


I was pretty skeptical about things like this too, so I can’t blame you.


That's why I'll prove it to you.


So How Can You Fix The Cause of Your Jawline Acne?


It wasn't discovered until a few years ago, but now it's a known fact.


I'm specifically referring to antioxidants.


Finally we’ve been given a gift from above in terms of clearing our acne.


You can research the studies for yourself - In the past 4 years there have been extremely successful studies demonstrating the effects of certain antioxidants against acne (used with the necessary dosages).


For example:


Renowned Dermatologist, Dr. Whitney Bowe, found in this 2012 study,


That acne sufferers have much lower levels of antioxidants in the their blood (like palmitate and beta carotene).


Some people can simply start eating more vegetables or foods which contain these antioxidants - and their skin will start clearing up.


But the majority of us need much higher levels of concentrate (especially the girl in the picture below).

That doesn't mean that diet doesn't help though. 


The foods you eat are the best source of these antioxidants, but without a treatment it could take months to see results.


That’s just 1 study though, there are about 50 more just like it.


Here's another major study on antioxidants and acne if you feel like reading it.


What Are The Best Treatment Options For Jawline Acne?


The only way to restore your deficiencies is with an oral-antioxidant treatment (the brand doesn't matter too much).


I personally prefer Derma Drinkables because it has beta carotene, but it's not very cheap (which I don't love). 


Murad makes the other popular one.


And it is cheaper, but not nearly as strong.


I'm not saying it doesn't work, I'm just saying I don't prefer it.


I usually post my blogs on both of their websites though.


From my experience it’s the only kind of treatment that works, no comparison to anything else.


If you haven't run into them yet,t these types of treatments are relatively new within the past 4-5 years.


I've heard, seen and experienced nothing but tremendous success from them. 


There Was a Real Difference Within 12 Hours


The reason I fell in love with them was because of how quickly they began working.


About 15 hours had passed when I had woken up and saw that my face had almost NO redness, and the bumps and nodules were A LOT smaller/faded.


I really started seeing a difference the 2nd day.


That was when I realized they were much different than anything else – meaning much stronger.


But don’t just take my word for it.


Read the reviews on different sites like Yahoo, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and other places.


I don’t recommend something with bad reviews.


If it has a lot of bad reviews it means it doesn’t work in my opinion.


The Conclusion of My Story


The rest of the story is basically me living happily ever after – meaning the past 9 months, but I'll take it.


Right now I have no trace of jawline acne or anything on the rest of my face, despite the occasional tiny pimple (they clear in a few hours though).


And until my next challenge in life approaches me, I'll be here to free as many as possible from the same struggle.


Best of luck to you on your journey.