How I Finally Got My Nodular Acne Plague Under Control

I’m guessing you know a lot about being tormented by nodular acne.


But you probably don’t know much about clearing it.


Unfortunately that’s the situation for the majority of people like you.


It took me 7 years to eventually find something to clear myself.


No thanks to the swamp of thousands of acne cleansers, regimens and creams – all claiming to be ‘revolutionary’.


When they’re just the same as thing as everything else.


It might have potentially taken the best years of my life.


But a year and a half ago I found something that did the impossible.


In a little over a week (that's right, I said 1 week) my entire face was about 75% clear - despite a few faded marks left, which took a few more days to become invisible.


By day 15 there was almost nothing left. Not even a single nodule.


What it Felt Like Clearing My Nodular Acne?


Imagine being mentally imprisoned with anxiety, self doubt, paranoia, helplessness and lack of confidence for years.


And then being completely free in under 2-3 weeks.


I couldn’t explain the feeling in words even if I tried all night.


I know you didn’t wake up thinking this,


But you’re about to learn something today that’s going to change your life – meaning get rid of your nodular acne forever.


I’ll be honest with you though,


If you have it terribly, to the point where you can barely see your skin anymore - then you need acccutane (but you would know that already).


Don’t worry though it's extremely rare to have acne that severe.


Anyway lets get started,


What Causes Nodular Acne?


First I’m going to quickly tell you what’s causing your nodular acne.


This way you’ll understand how it works.


Before reading this, I would suggest that you forget anything you’ve previously learned about nodules, or just acne in general.


(Because I followed that sort of information for years and it got me nowhere).


The day I learned the real cause of acne, was the day before my face began clearing for the first time


I’ll make this as simple sounding as possible because I know that you just want to clear yourself and get on with your life.


But just remember that if you stop what's causing your nodular, then it will fade away VERY quickly.


The Cause of Nodular Acne is a Weak Immune System


That’s it.


Obviously it’s more complicated than that, but not too much.


Here’s what happens in a nutshell:


There are tons of bacteria cells living on our skin, no matter where we go.


These bacteria are called skin flora. 


But when your immune system becomes too weak, the bacteria start attacking your healthy skin-cells (they're not pretty as you can see).

A branch of your immune system quickly notices this, and it signals your brain.


Your brain then commands your sebaceous glands to make extra amounts of sebum (the white stuff inside pimples).


As seen here, the sebum is used to defend your cells by coating them and clogging up the harmful bacteria.


Unfortunately though, the way your body gets rid of this bacteria-filled sebum is by pushing it out through your pores (creating acne).


How Do You Stop This From Happening? 


By boosting your immune system.


Your immune system runs off certain nutrients and compounds.


Just like your body - it needs a certain level of these nutrients in order to function properly.


For whatever reason (usually genetics), you don’t have enough of them.


So How do You Get Rid of Nodular Acne?


The answer is obvious.


Give your body more antioxidants.


Much more.


Once you start replenishing your levels of these crucial antioxidants, the results are immediately visible.


How do You Give Yourself These Antioxidants for Acne?


There are 2 different options of doing this.


I choose both, even though one is much more effective than the other.


The cheaper approach is to incorporate a lot of vegetables and lean meat into your diet.


Here's a solid post about diet and acne if you're curious.


The problem is that it could take over a year for you to see any results.


Which really sucks to be honest.


But I still do it anyway (for the most part)


The Other Option is With An Oral Antioxidant Treatment 


This would be my personal suggestion.


You might have heard of these types of treatments within the past couple of years, because they are newer.


This past year they’ve really been growing around the world though.


To be frank,


After years of trying different things, I’m just about 100% certain that these types of treatments are the only thing able to clear nodular acne, or any type of acne in general. 


I’m positive that by next year these types of treatments will be the only thing used by the majority acne-sufferers.


Especially people with nodular acne.


And I like how you don’t need a prescription for them either.


I usually just order them off their website.


How Strong Are Antioxidant Acne Treatments?


In my opinion,


They are easily as strong as a prescription medication.


So read the directions carefully.


But the reason they’re so much more effective than a prescription medication is because they are the first thing to ever fix the specific problem that’s responsible for causing acne.


Everything else tries to boost one thing or kill another – and that’s not how acne operates.


How Do You Get Them?


Only a few different companies make them as of right now, but I think you can order from each of their websites.


They’re not too different from one another.


They all get the job done, the question is how fast.


I prefer using the Derma treatment (called Derma Drinkables) since it’s by far the strongest out of the few.


But it's also is the most expensive around $25 for an 8 pack - which kind of sucked for me (since my nodules were borderline severe).


You can check out their homepage here if you want.


I did get a few free packs when I offered to write a blog for them though (which lasted me about 2 weeks).


There are 1 or 2 other companies that make them also, just nowhere near as strong.


It's whatever you prefer though to be honest.


I highly suggest using one of them because you’ll be dealing with nodules for a very long time if you don’t – and I’m dead serious when I say that.


Here's My Final Tip:


You can help speed up the process by clearing your redness (that also means inflammation).


It's not going to clear everything, but it will make it look A LOT less noticeable.


If you want - you can read everything in this post by Madison Derose about clearing acne redness.


The best part is that you can do these steps at home.


Don't get me wrong though, an antioxidant treat is MUCH stronger than anything you can do at home (even though home remedies do help).


Just from my experience alone, I can tell you that most people see a massive improvement in 2-3 days.


You can expect to be completely clear in anywhere from 5 days to 30 days, depending on how badly you have it.


One of the best parts about these treatments are that they're made for people with mild cases or highly severe cases.


My Forehead Acne Current Situation:


Remember this isn't one of those cheesy company blogs where I write some generic facts about your nodular acne and then try to sell you some rip-off acne product that you know isn't any better than the last few you've tried.


If you're one of my readers, then you already know that my sole purpose of writing these blogs is to help others who are struggling the same way I was.


Slowly losing the battle to nodular acne is truly a demoralizing feeling.


I know it just as well as you.


But you're in a very good place now because you're reading my words.


And the only reason I'm writing this blog in the first place is because I found a treatment that cleared me.


I would have given anything to have someone help me years ago, which is why I'm doing it in the first place. 


Now its all about spreading the word about these types of treatments for me.    


I know how many people like you need to know about this. So I can’t just sit here all cleared up, while you guys are still out there blindly struggling like I was.


Sincerely & with tons of love as always,