How to Get Rid of Pimples - By Stopping the Cause (7 DAYS)

I know from experience how difficult it is to clear moderate to severe acne (with bad breakouts thrown in the mix).


Acne is incredibly stubborn to say the least.


Figuring out how to get rid of pimples in general is a puzzle in itself for most people.


I endured it daily for 7 years straight – so I understand exactly how helpless you feel (it really sucks I know).


It's miserable to not know how to get rid of your acne, especially when it's altering your life (not to mention stress level).


Its only been about 16 months since I completely cleared myself along with the rest of my skin, but it still feels like it happened yesterday.


It took about 7-9 days for all of my acne to fade away entirely, but by day 5 my face looked 75% better than it had in 7 years.


It still feels unreal as I’m writing this.


The First Day of My Clearness


The first day was probably the best though because I was easily 25% clearer before I even went to sleep.


Now I only get one or two baby sized pimples every other week or so, and they’re essentially invisible, even more so after popping them. No redness, they’re only skin colored.


Without foundation they’re still unnoticeable.


You probably think that I’m about to sell you some useless acne product, and claim it’s the only thing that works.


Well I’m not.


Those type of articles make me unhappy to even think about.


They’re part of the reason it took me 7 years to clear myself.


I could write a book on how much I despise those type of articles, and the writers, and the sheer amount of them.


They make it impossible to find a credible treatment or truthful information.


Not to mention, they are all made of the same ingredients.

This 2013 study from the Journal of Drugs and Dermatology actually concluded that proactiv, murad, and maxclarity were all made of the same exact thing.


You already knew that though I'm guessing.


How is someone supposed to find something that works when there are thousands of people writing articles that promote different treatments and remedies?


You can’t because there are too many.


If I kept on that route I never would have learned how to get rid of pimples in the first place.


Trust me. It took me years of looking for me to find something that works.


And if one of my coworkers didn’t suggest it to me, I would still be hopelessly looking.


Anyway, let's move on to the first important point.


How to Get Rid of Acne on Your Face Forever?


Well, you’ve got two choices, but first I want to tell you why you have it in the first place.


Then you’ll understand why these are the only two options for clearing it.


What Causes Acne in the First Place?


Well it turns out that acne is just like any other infection in the body.


It’s surprisingly easy to get rid of once you stop it’s cause.


Unfortunately there is just much more money involved in ‘treating acne’ than curing it. So that doesn’t help our cause.



Acne has the same cause as any other bacterial infection – a drained immune system.


Just like all bodily infections, the only way to eliminate it is by drastically strengthening your immune system.


If you do this, you will instantly see your skin begin to clear.


So How to Get Rid of Acne Immediately?


The only way is by drastically strengthening your immune system by replenishing the antioxidants and compounds it needs.


There have been more than a few studies done in the past that undeniably prove this point.


This study is one of the most noted on this subject, done with 52 patients.


It concluded that the antioxidant defense system (a major part of the immune system) was highly weakened in people with acne.


Not to mention this newer study done on antioxidants, done in 2012.


It found that antioxidant supplementation increased acne by more than 80%.


However in my case it was 100%.


What’s the Best Treatment for Moderate or Severe Acne?


You have 2 choices.


You can use the “snail” method– changing your diet.


However this could take months to bring any sort of real improvement (not to mention it would be difficult because your new diet would have to be incredibly strict).


Or you can make it happen now. Meaning 3-8 days (depending how much you have).


I don’t know about you, but I’d rather get rid of it as quickly as possible, and the only way to do that is with an oral antioxidant treatment.


You’ve probably heard of them sometime within the past 2 or 3 years.


These are the only type of treatments that can stop the specific cause of acne.


They don’t require prescription, most of them are sold directly from their own website.


Any brand works in my opinion. The reason I use derma (drinkables) is because they’re stronger than the others, but I don’t enjoy how they are the highest priced ($25 a pack).


Since I began blogging for them I haven’t had to pay for any packs – but it doesn’t matter because my skin was clear by the time I offered to blog for them.


My Opinion on the 2 Best Brands for Getting Rid of Acne


I think the two best brands are probably Murad and Derma, but as I said before I’m sure the others work well too.


I also know that these companies have a great customer service department, so I wouldn’t hesitate to call them if you have any questions.


Now that you've finally learned how to get rid of pimples on your face, the only favor I ask of you once you’re all clear, is that you spread the word to another person dealing with acne if you’re given the opportunity.


Considering what you've already gotten - I would say that’s a fair request. But you'll know exactly what I mean in about 1 week from now (once your acne is halfway faded and you feel like 100 pounds of stress has been lifted from your shoulders).