How to Get Rid of Whiteheads Fast and PERMANENTLY (5 DAYS)

I know how frustrated you are right now if you’re looking for how to get rid of whiteheads.


Trust me. 


My daily ritual was popping at least 3 every single morning.


They would either fill right back up within a few hours,


Or become a bright red lump that stood out like a sore thumb for 2 days.


So I know first hand how stubborn they are (to say the least).


The good news though - I’m going to tell you every detail of what I did to free myself of whiteheads forever.


It took me a few years of looking everyday (literally).


I’m guessing it’s because most people are just trying to promote their own crappy product though.


So it’s not really that surprising when you consider that.


If you’ve followed me, you already know that I've been plagued with constant acne and reoccurring breakouts for the past 8 years.


Popping Whiteheads Was My Specialty


The worst parts of my face were my forehead, my chin and my nose.


It was like a pimple factory - so gross but true. 


I could pop, exfoliate, dry and moisturize within 15 seconds (it was impressive honestly).


My Current Whitehead Situation


Now I get about 2-3 whiteheads a month, but a much different type.


They shouldn't even be called pimples though because they are about 1/5 the size.


Plus they don't glow red.


They're a light pink color, and when I pop them, they actually get smaller.


Yes, they get smaller. 


And they're gone by the next day almost 100%.


I'm clear about 99.9% of the time if I had to estimate.


But hear me out. 


I literally had 5-8 new ones everyday. 


My mood everyday went from paranoid and stressed out - to excited and always happy.


There's no easy way to describe how much better I feel everyday. 


But anyway, now I'll get to the good stuff.


How to Get Rid of Whiteheads


I’m going to tell you (right now) how to get rid of whiteheads in less than 2 weeks.


BUT you’ll see a huge improvement within the first 6-24 hours.


I know that it sounds unbelievable too, because I can still hardly believe it myself


That’s no overstatement either.


First though, I’m going to explain to you what causes whiteheads - so that you won’t be lost or confused when I tell you how to clear it.


What Are Whiteheads?


Whiteheads are simply a consequence of a unhealthy immune system.


That's the short answer, but it's completely true.


Whether it's your whiteheads on nose, your forehead or your chin.


It's all the same.

If you had a strong immune system,

it would prevent the bacteria in the air from invading your body (meaning your skin cells).


Which causes acne to form in the first place. 


I bet you didn't know that your skin is actually protected by multiple layers of t-cells (the cells that make up your immune system).


Scientist didn't know this until about 8-10 years ago (which might as well be yesterday in the science world)


If you look at this renowned medical journal on resident T-cells from 2009 that was based off multiple studies,


you can see that there are multiple layers of these T-cells protecting the skin at all times.


Now think about it this way,


Just like any other system in your body (nervous system, vascular system, muscle system),


your immune system needs ENOUGH FUEL to function to it's FULL potential.


How Do Nutrients Effect Acne?


The fuel I'm referring to is NUTRIENTS.


Yes, that means from natural things like fruits, vegetables and lean meat


I know that changing your diet DOES NOT clear acne quickly though (especially the whiteheads on your face right now).


Well it might - but it'll take months, maybe even a few years.


Believe, me I've tried doing this myself. 


Don't  worry though,


I'm well aware that you need to get rid of the ones on your face RIGHT NOW - but I'm just shedding some knowledge on you because it's really important.


I'm not saying diet change doesn't work - because it DOES HELP.


Just nowhere near enough to heal everything.


Plus it's slow.



Why You Keep Getting Whiteheads


You might have forgotten this, but without enough nutrients, the first cells on earth couldn't have evolved into organisms (and eventually human beings).


And without enough nutrients, we still can't survive.


If you're not getting MORE than enough nutrients - instead of growing, you'll be slowly deteriorating instead.


And the first thing to show weakness will obviously be the outside layer of your body, your skin - since it's exposed to the outside world.


AKA the first line of defense. 


The other problem is that the strength of your immune system is known to be genetically inherited.


You can look at this article from Pubmed if you want to know more about genes and acne.


That's why some people pop pimples everyday while others don't even know what whiteheads are.


If you have acne, it's a clear sign of weakened immunity - that's a fact.


Either way though, it's from a long term lack of nutrients (which I'll tell you how to fix after this).


How Does This Cause Whiteheads To Form?


When you don't get nutrients, your skin cells become weakened.


There are billions of bacteria cells on your skin right now.


If your cells become too weak, the bacteria will successfully penetrate your skin.


Once your T-cells realize that your skin cells are under attack,

they tell your sebum glands to make MUCH more sebum than it normally makes (the white stuff inside whiteheads).


The sebum is then directed to the areas of your skin that are being damaged the most by the invading bacteria.


Sebum actually traps the bacteria and protects your cells from further damage (ironic I know).


The bacteria and sebum are then pushed out through your pores.


It's your body's way of getting rid of the problem.


That's where whiteheads start to form.

Not to mention,


The skin on your face is by far the most sensitive skin on your body.


The skin on your arms and legs has been conditioned since birth to be hardy, since it's always under some form of clothes.


And your hands and the bottoms of your feet have been conditioned by evolution to be rugged and thicker (for walking and feeling/handling).


I'm writing a full post on this in detail next week.


So How Do You Fix This Problem? (Immediately) 


Well you could start eating a massive amount of vegetables in order to boost your immune system. 


According to this article published by the American Academy of Dermatology, there is unquestionably a strong link between diet and acne formation. 


Or You Can Use an Oral Antioxidant Treatment


After 8 full years of suffering,


I’m 100% percent sure that these are the only thing able to clear any type of breakout or acne (aka constant whiteheads) for good. 


These types of treatments are somewhat new (about 3 years), and now they’re clearing thousands of people everyday.


I think that these will eventually be the only type of acne treatment in existence, simply because they’re the only thing that work.


I cleared myself about a year ago, and since then I've been trying to help as many people as possible.


Before this I only wrote for makeup companies based on how well their products worked for acne-sufferers.


The only reason I'm currently blogging here for Derma is because their treatment (Derma Drinkables) changed my entire life in less than a week.


And I eventually offered to write for them in my spare time – only because I knew that this treatment needed to be spread to others by any means possible.


But honestly the brand doesn’t matter much for these types of treatments, because they’re all very strong, 


My Whitehead Treatment Preference


The only reason I use Derma is because it’s stronger than the others (so it works faster), since it has beta carotene I think


But it’s also has a higher price at $25 per pack – so it’s up to you.


Murad also makes a decent one.


It's just not as strong (so it takes longer).


Still works though from what I've heard.


It's cheaper though so again it's your decision. 


If you have any questions about these treatments then don’t be afraid to call or contact the companies.


I’ve heard that most of them have great customer service departments.  


To Wrap Things Up in Conclusion,


If you've been following me, then you already know that I'll  never promote a certain brand or offer money for an advertisement.


I may tell you what I prefer using, but I’ll never take any money for advertising.


It’s a sickening feeling when you scroll down to find the writer trying to sneakily advertise some useless product at the end.


They are written by people either trying to sell their own product that doesn’t work (and they know that), or they’re being paid to sell something.


Well that’s not how blogs are supposed to work.


Blogs should only be made for one purpose – to help people.


It’s sad that I’m one of the only people who still write for that purpose alone.


One Last Point:


Now that you know how to get rid of whiteheads forever, try and relax your anxiety.


I'm dead serious.


According to multiple reports like this one in my beloved Harvard Health journal that feeling of stress causes your adrenaline and cortisol levels to significantly rise. 


Which heavily weakens the immune system by consequence. 


So remember to stay as relaxed as possible.


I know it's not possible all of the time) - at least for me.