How to Heal Face Scabs Instantly at Home


Scabs from pimples suck to say the least.


Especially when you have more than a few at once.


The process of popping pimples in general is absolutely miserable.


You pop a whitehead.


It fills back up with sebum. 


It gets bigger, turns dark red and inflamed.


You pop it again.


It gets even more inflamed.


It fills back up with sebum.


You pop it again.


Then after a day or so (IF you're lucky enough), it will form a scab.


I'm guessing that's where you are now - except you have no idea how to get rid of face scabs left from acne.


The good news though - is that I'm probably the only person who knows exactly how to heal face scabs overnight (but you'll see a big difference instantly). 


By tomorrow morning you'll be able to gently peel off the scab and see healthy skin underneath (not a giant red mark). 


It might be a but lighter than the rest of your skin, but for the most part it's unnoticeable.


And you don't even have to leave your house.


I'll walk you through the whole process.


To make things easier, I made a list of steps. 


Some of these steps might sound weird, but I wouldn't waste my time writing about something that didn't work.


Here we go, 


How to heal face scabs within 12 hours:


Step 1: Wash your hands


The first step is to wash your hands with antibacterial soap before doing anything else (since you'll be touching your face for the next steps).


The last thing you want is the bacteria and oil from your fingers spreading to your face - which could easily worsen things.


I know it sounds unimportant but it's 100% percent necessary (and much more important than you think).


Step 2: Icing 


The next step is called icing. 


This is going to sound a little weird so bare with me here.


Take an ice cube, and gently rub it around your scab, and area surrounding it.


Light pat it dry once you're done with that.


This will cool the inflammation and help speed up the healing process without question.


It will also make the scab appear lighter around the edges, and much less noticeable. 


How Many Times Per Day Should you Ice?


This should be done at least 3 times for the rest of today.


ESPECIALLY after taking a shower (because of the heat).


Step 3: Moisturize


When you're done with the ice cube, you might want to put some moisturizer on your face (if you have dry skin).


Just make sure the moisturizer is oil-free.


Step 4: Vitamin E


The fourth step is getting vitamin E into your system.


The best way to do this is by eating any green vegetable you can get your hands on.

Avocados are great too.


You'd be surprised how much 1 romaine salad or 1 plate of broccoli can improve a scab overnight. 


This is true for acne and acne scars also. Whether it's just 1 pimple or 20 of them.


Here's a great article I found about the most rich vitamin E foods for acne sufferers if you want to see more foods.  


Just scroll down to the bottom of the article to see the list for foods. 


So What's so Great About Vitamin E for Healing Scabs?


Vitamin E is an extremely powerful antioxidant and has been proven to intensely speed up the process of skin tissue healing.


For example, this medical review from the department of dermatology at the Northwestern University medical school mentions that the antioxidant vitamin E has been used for over half a century in clinical dermatology.  


You don't have to take my word for it, there are tons of articles about the beneficial effects of vitamin E for dermatology.


Just from my experience, it's miraculous for acne scars, especially because of how fast acting it is.


Step 5: More antioxidants


If you follow me then you know my stance on antioxidants and acne.


For me nothing compares to them. 

And I know for a fact that they work for face scabs too.


They were the only thing strong enough to get rid of my acne and then prevent it from ever coming back. 


It took about 7-10 days for everything on my face to completely clear - but it wasn't just a few red spots.


I actually had inflamed whiteheads mostly on my forehead but scattered over the rest of my face.


You can probably guess that when I popped them - the scabs would be huge.


So it's safe to say I know what I'm doing here.


How Bad was My Acne?


My acne wasn't bad all the time (borderline needing antibiotics), but still I had about 4 to 7 nasty looking pimples at once - almost everyday.


Not to mention flare ups that multiplied everything and made it even worse.


But once I started using an antioxidant treatment - it was almost unbelievable to see how fast everything was fading.


And I HIGHLY recommend using an oral antioxidant treatment if you're suffering from mild to severe acne (borderline severe).


I used the Derma Drinkables treatment because it's the strongest one by far, but it does cost more than the other ones so it's your decision on what you prefer.


Anyway, if you want to read the story of how I cleared my acne then you can read this post I wrote a few months back.


How Can You Get Antioxidants Right Now?


I already mentioned how to get vitamin E (by eating green vegetables mainly).


But there's more antioxidants that are crucial for healing your acne - except in this case it would be to get rid of face scabs (and within 12 hours).


The best sources of these antioxidant are any DARK vegetable or fruit, but especially orange ones.


These Are Some of the Better Foods

  1. Carrots

  2. Tomatoes

  3. Oranges

  4. Sweet Peppers

  5. Apples

  6. Cantaloupe 

If you can get your hands on any of these food before you got top sleep , it will help tremendously by tomorrow morning.


Step 6: How to heal face scabs once you wake up.


Alright now for the morning.


Here's what you should do after waking up tomorrow:

  1. Take a hot shower, and very gently wash the are around your scar with an exfoliating face wash.

  2. Rinse off your face and gently pat it dry.

  3. Gently rub an ice cube across your scar

  4. Now softly (but sternly), try and pull your scar off from one end. It should come off relatively easy.

You should see that the skin underneath is only a bit lighter than your normal skin tone - making it barely noticeable.


It will recolor and blend itself in within the next 2 days.


I suggest applying oil-free moisturizer over the entire area, along with the rest of your face.


What if Your Scab Doesn't Peel off?


Now I should warn you. This most likely won't happen, but if your scab wont come in the morning - don't force it,


You shouldn't pull too softly, but if it literally feels like it's glued on your skin then you should leave it for a while until it's ready.


You still have to wait a few hours, or maybe even until the evening.


But if it's going to be in the evening then you might as well wait until the next morning (where it will easily peel off).


That probably won't happen though so don't count on it.


Finally in Conclusion


Now that you know how to get rid of face scabs overnight, you can also apply this method to acne scars and whiteheads too.


Just look up the studies I included earlier and see for yourself that I'm not exaggerating.


I think you'll be happily surprised to see the results of some of them. 


In my case, they were literally a life saver - in terms of acne.