How to Instantly Clear Redness in Pimples

I'm going to tell you how to get rid of red pimples immediately. 


And yes, you will notice a large improvement within the first few minutes - while every hour you'll see it fading away more and more.


In 12 hours it will be gone completely.


I know first hand there's almost nothing worse than vibrant red pimples.


Especially when your skin isn’t tan.


Seriously though, if red pimples weren't such a vibrant red color it would make them 100 times less noticeable


But I'm not talking about using cover up – although that’s fine if you do.


About a year ago I learned about the impact of reducing redness. 


It actually lead to me clearing my acne completely (I'll get to that soon).


And now I understand how major of a role it has in the formation of acne. 


What Difference Does Clearing Your Red Pimples Make?


Without any red pimples and breakouts in general were BARELY noticeable.


They had shrunken to probably 1/5 as much as what I usually dealt with. 


If you want to know how I cleared my acne all together (took me about 2 weeks to clear it 100%, but I would say 60% was faded within the first 5 days at least),


You can read my full story here.


My jawline and lower chin region usually had the big red ones, since it was cystic mostly.


But I also had nonstop breakouts around on my forehead region too.


The difference is that my forehead acne was a mix of comedonal and hormonal, not cystic.


Most acne sufferers have exactly this so there’s a good chance it sounds familiar.


3 Steps to Clearing Red Pimples


I'm going to explain this to you in three steps in order of importance.


The last step is the most important.


If you follow the last step correctly, then all of your acne will be gone in about a week or so like mine (based on how much you have), and it will actually stay gone.


As a lifetime sufferer I know how insane that sounds, but it's the truth.


I still find it hard to believe to be honest so it's perfectly fine to be skeptical.


However I will say that if you have a severe case of hormonal acne (diagnosed by an MD), then you will need something like accutane unfortunately.


Trust me though, you would already know that by now.


And you wouldn't be reading something like this.


Those type of cases represent a microscopic amount of acne sufferers.


What Does That Mean for Your Acne?


So What Does That Mean for Your Acne? 


Basically it means there's a 100% chance that you'll be able to clear your redness based on what I'm about to share with you.




Step 1 


To clear inflammation you need to get rid of the causes, but you can also fight the effects by using ice - which will instantly make a difference.


Rub an ice cube on your face for about 30 seconds.


Noted dermatologist Dr. Audrey Kunin wrote this article specifically about ice and acne.


But you probably won’t believe it until you see it for yourself.


If you want to know how to get rid of red pimples instantly, then ice is your best option.


It should calm inflammation for a few hours, but that's all. Be sure to apply some oil-free moisturize afterwards too.


Step 2


Eat some carrots, or any kind of dark vegetable.


Just one small plate will bring a noticeable difference in pimple redness within a few hours.


If you want the full rundown on food, you can read this Medical News article about the best foods to eat for acne sufferers.


Step 3


If you complete this next step, then all of your acne, no matter what type, will cease to exist within a few days.


This Can Be Done By Doing Either of the Following Things:


1.       Change of diet.


2.       Using an oral antioxidant acne treatment


The problem with number 1 is that its simply not strong enough.


Don't get me wrong, it helps to an extent, just not very quickly.


How Does Diet Effect Acne?


How Does Diet Cause Red Pimples?


We've been told for decades that acne and diet have no relation.


But now according to the AAD, that belief couldn't be more false as you can see here.


It’s a known fact that your body obtains the majority of its nutrients through the food you eat.


If you don't give your cells the nutrients they need to defend themselves against a bacterial infection – the result is acne.


One example is this, a 2014 study done at the The University of Afyon Kocatepe.


It concluded that levels of antioxidants like vitamin E and A were drastically lower in acne sufferers.


Both are crucial antioxidants the body needs to protect itself against infections (meaning acne).  


Why Doesn't Acne Respond Quickly With Diet Change?


Unfortunately it takes months to replenish your levels of lost compounds like beta carotene or selenium.


Diet change simply isn't enough, and neither is face wash or regimen (obviously).


How to Get Rid of Red Pimples And The Rest of Your Acne?


The only way to immediately replenish these imbalances and clear yourself is with an oral antioxidant treatment.


These types of treatments contain large amounts of the right compounds that get the job done almost immediately.


Most people see a clear improvement within 12 hours from everyone I've suggested it to.


They've only existed within the past 3 years, but they've been cleared thousands of people already.


And they're only getting more popular as the word keeps spreading.


Who Makes These Acne Treatments?


There are a few companies making them.


Hum or Derma Drinkables are the best in my opinion.


I've been using the Derma (drinkables) treatment for the past year, but within the first 3 days the majority of my face was clear.


I took them every day though for about 2 weeks or so.


Then I started taking them only about 3 days per week , or whenever I noticed a small breakout appearing – and it cleared me within 1 day every time (and still does).


I like Derma's treatment because it’s the strongest, but also the most expensive (frustrating I know).


Also it’s the only treatment that comes in a drinkable form, and I like how you can order the treatment from their website.


The price not so much though.


Quick Overview:


Now you should know exactly how to get rid of red pimples. 


Just remember that ice and vegetables will help reduce redness to a point, but it will only last a few hours or less.


If you want to get rid of redness and acne permanently, then you have to get rid of the cause by replenishing your body's depleted nutrient levels.


The first day your body receives the nutrients it needs to defend itself, all acne formation will immediately stop and begin to dissipate.


This happens because the cause of acne is no longer effecting your body, thus making the your acne non-existent.


I can still remember the first day I woke up and saw how much clearer my face was.


My eyes filled up with tears while I was looking in the mirror.


I still get excited every morning when I look in the mirror.


And now my only challenge is trying to help others gain the same feeling.