How to Prevent and Get Rid of Pimples after Shaving

Most kids dream of shaving when they watch adults doing it.


You probably felt the same and regretted it the moment you started. Pimples and dry skin are common results of shaving. Have you made peace with it yet?


You don’t have to.


There are many ways of countering it.


Why do You Get Pimples after Shaving?


The pimples you see after shaving are also called razor bumps.  This is with good reason, as they form in response to the abrasiveness of shaving.


These pimples aren’t exactly the same as normal acne, but they look similar and can usually be treated the same way.


If you want to know how to prevent these pimples you must know why they manifest. You can best fight an enemy when you understand it.


You get pimples after shaving mostly because of three reasons:


First Reason: 


The soap or shaving cream you use may have an adverse effect on your skin.


Each person’s skin is different and yours may not like one of the ingredients.


An irritated skin can result in pimples when dry skin is weakened and less resistant to bacteria.


Second Reason:


​Razors forced over your skin can also irritate or break skin cells.


This results in pimples when cells break and the body reacts to fight inflammation.


Sharp razors may be less irritating than blunt ones, but can cause small lacerations which opens up the skin to bacteria.


Third Reason: 


Razor bumps form because of the efficacy of razors.


These days multi bladed razors are popular.


The first blade lifts the hair so the other blades can cut it below the skin’s surface.


This is excellent if you want a smooth shave but it results in the pimples you hate.


Your face’s skin cells close over these hairs that are cut short.


When the hair starts growing it first has to push through the skin.


This causes irritation to the skin and it looks similar to a pimple.


If you don’t want to grow a beard for the rest of your life how can you prevent pimples from happening?


Preventative Measures


You may feel shaving already takes up much of your time in the morning.


Are you willing to add a few more minutes? It may help you prevent future outbreaks.


Your Razor


Your razor must be sharp.


This is why it’s wise to invest in an expensive razor that won’t quickly become blunt.


An electric or safety razor causes less irritation than most other types.


You must keep your razor clean at all times.


If your razor deposits bacteria or dirt onto your skin there’s more chance of an breakout.


The bacteria can easily enter the shaven skin and cause pimples.


How to Protect Your Skin


Prepare your skin for shaving.


If you put hot water on your face a few minutes before you shave, your skin will be softer.


It will give less resistance to the razor blade which results in less irritation.


If you find a shaving gel that doesn’t cause you irritation it will further soften your skin.


You should also look for a skin moisturizer to use after shaving.


When skin is less dry it’s less irritable.




You’ll be surprised how your shaving method can cause or prevent pimples:

  • If you press too hard there’s more chance of breaking the skin.


  • Get into the habit of shaving in the direction of the grain.  Most of your beard will grow in one direction. Going with this grain will cause less irritation though it may be a less close shave.


Getting Rid of Pimples Caused by Shaving


You may find that preventative measures don’t work every time.


Perhaps you travel one day and you need to use a low quality disposable razor.


Chances are you’ll have pimples or razor bumps after shaving. What now?


Pimples and Ingrown Hairs


If it’s a pimple, don’t squeeze it.


This will aggravate the skin further.


Healing may take even longer than simply leaving it to dry out and go away.


An ingrown hair can be removed. Use a sterilized tweezer to prevent further inflammation.


How to Sooth Your Skin


If your skin is very sensitive you can apply a warm compress.


This will soothe the skin so you won’t feel uncomfortable anymore.


Various natural products are beneficial for skin’s general health and will soothe irritated skin such as Aloe Vera.


Fighting Inflammation


Remember your skin is unique.  


If you want to fight the inflammation beneath the surface of your skin, experiment with different products.


Find one that clears up pimples without causing further irritation:

  • Tea Tree Oil

  • Lemon juice

  • Cortisone creams

  • Tea compresses

Yes, many of these products are found in your home.


You don’t have to look far or grow a beard to escape the effects of shaving.


If you love a clean shave enjoy it again without fearing any side effects.