How to Prevent Pimples with Your Diet

What you put in you will get out.


Whether you love or hate this statement it’s the truth even when it comes to your skin.


Your skin’s current condition is the result of many factors. To a large extent it showcases the condition of your overall health.


If you’re not happy with the way your skin looks you’ve probably tried many skin products already. These won’t cause any improvement if your body itself is unhealthy. Certain acne is the result of your body fighting inflammation and getting rid of toxins. You won’t prevent that by cleaning the exterior of your body.


I'm not saying this will clear your skin, because we both know it won't. That doesn't mean that it can't help though.


Remember that each person is different.


How does Your Diet Cause Pimples?


You may love certain foods but do you like what they do to your body?


Many studies like these prove that certain foods make acne worse.


Their effects include:

  • It increases insulin levels which culminates in higher levels of oil in your skin.


  • It can cause blood sugar levels to spike which automatically causes inflammation in your body. This manifests on your skin.


  • Some foods’ growth hormones change the normal production of skin cells. This can result in blocked pores.


  • Grease in food can cause inflammation which will also reflect in your skin.


You need a diet which won’t have these effects on your body. As your body’s level of inflammation subsides and hormones return to normal, your skin will have less pimples.


Can you commit to such a diet?


Foods to Avoid 


When you think of food items in your kitchen you can probably identify which ones cause the effects mentioned above.


Do yourself a favor and remove them from your home. It’s easier to eat healthier if the unhealthy options don’t distract you.


A simple diet is easy to follow. Don’t complicate it by reading the packaging of every item you purchase. An easy guide is to avoid:

  • Milk.

  • Sugar.

  • Foods with a high glycaemic level. Processed foods such as bread and white rice are excellent examples.

  • Fast food.


Yes it will take will power to cut out these food items. Luckily there are many tasty alternatives.


Try Eating More of These

The short version of a healthy diet is that fresh fruits and vegetables are your best option. They’re filled with the minerals your body needs to recover and you don’t run the risk of digesting processed foods.


These Are The Best Foods For the Skin

  • Nuts that are high in vitamins, calcium and iron.

  • These all help skin recover faster.

  • Fish because of its high levels of Omega oils. They reduce and prevent inflammation. Fish such as salmon can even help with blemishes.

  • Herbs such as garlic which help fight inflammation.


Nutrients for Your Skin


Despite what expert marketing campaigns say, the food you eat doesn’t contain enough vitamins and minerals. Thanks to processed foods today’s society gets much less essential minerals via food than the human body actually needs.


This is Why These Foods Are Important


Your skin condition might be due to a lack of minerals such as:

  • Omega 3 fish oil - A lack of omega 3s in the body can result in inflammation such as acne.

  • Try to obtain omega 3 oils through fish (tunafish is a great option) 


Healthy Habits for Skin


Are you wondering how long you have to eat this way to see the effect?


Make peace that your skin won’t be blemish free overnight.


However, you will probably see and feel some quick results. This will start with higher energy levels because you’re managing a healthier sugar intake.


Your skin will show the results after all toxins have been expelled. Therefore you need to keep following the diet for a few months to see the true effect.


Do you have the commitment it will take to push through?


When you decide to follow a new eating plan it’s wise to turn it into a lifestyle. If you don’t old problems will simply return.



Writer: John Stuart

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