New Supplements for Acne: The Oral Antioxidant Treatment

If you’re struggling with acne, then you already know that face washes, creams, regimens and home remedies are too weak.


Far too weak in fact.

You also probably know that there are thousands of internet posts promoting these types of products – claiming they are the only thing that work.


But you and I know the truth. - how literally none of them work.


What Supplements Work For Acne?


You may have heard of them, but they’ve only existed for about 2 or 3 years.


And no, I’m not going to try selling you on some useless product, home remedy or lifestyle change that’s no different from anything else.


If you’ve been reading my posts, then you already know my opinions on those types of articles and those who write them – and they’re not good opinions.


I’ve had acne for 7 years straight as you might know.


And even though I was searching nearly 24-7, trying new treatments every week, it was only until 16 months ago that I was finally able to clear myself.


So the answer is yes – it is possible.


It’s not only possible though, because once you’re done reading this article you’ll know exactly how to clear your acne within a week (depending on how much you have).


But you will see a massive improvement within 24-36 hours.


A breakout though will clear in 2 days easily.


I know that sounds hard to believe, and I completely agree – because it is hard to believe.


I still have trouble believing it each time I look in the mirror (and I’ve been clear for over a year).


You don’t have to take my word for it though, there are hundreds of reviews you can read for yourself if you’d like


I also recommend closing out of any other acne articles or posts - because apparently I am the only person on this internet who knows how to actually clear acne.


After 7 years of constant searching I can say for a 100% fact that there is not a single other person online whose about to tell you what I am.


I truly wish that I wasn’t the only one, because then I wouldn’t have endured so many years of acne.


That’s why I’m going to tell you exactly how I cleared myself, and why it worked.


Anyway lets begin,


I won’t waste anymore time beating around the bush, the supplement that I’m referring to are oral antioxidant treatments.


What Are Oral Antioxidant Treatments for Acne?


These kinds of treatments are relatively new within the past three years, but they’re easily becoming the largest acne treatment around the world.


In my opinion they’re easily as strong as a prescription med, since they were the first thing able to clear me.


There have been more than a handful of studies done, like this one,  in recent years concluding that levels of antioxidants are heavily depleted in those suffering from acne. 


There are just as many studies concluding that replenishing your antioxidant levels will eliminate acne.


This clinical study done 4 years ago with over 50 patients found that antioxidants successfully cleared about 80% of each person’s acne.  


There are a bunch of other studies like these, but I’ll save them for a different post.


But the reason these antioxidant treatments are working for everyone is because they’re the first thing to find and stop the one single cause of acne.


What is the Main Cause of Acne?


I could explain this answer for 3 pages but I’m going to say it a sentence because I’ve said it so many different times.


The true cause of any type of acne in general – is a weak immune system.


Yes, it’s that simple.


Unfortunately you’ve been tricked into thinking that acne is some complicated mess that can never be solved due to its complexity.


Well its not. It’s a simple bacterial infection of the skin.


And just like any other infection, the only way to get rid of it is by massively strengthening your immune system.


How Can You Strengthen Your Immune System?


Well you could either eat about 5,000 green vegetables for the next couple of days, or you can use an oral antioxidant treatment.


I still order a pack once every month or so, but that’s just in case I see a small pimple or two rise up.


But it’s literally gone in a few hours.


It was only about 14 months since I was still popping at least 2-3 everyday, so it still feels unreal to me.


Here's how it’s happened for me, and hundreds of others I’ve witnessed in the past year:


How the Treatment Worked for Me


The first morning after using them I noticed almost no redness, while everything was a decent amount smaller than they day prior (extremely exciting).


The next morning looked even better, and it was about then I realized that my progress so far was more than any other treatment I had used in my entire life - and it was only my second morning taking them.


The next day, it was hard coming to grips with what was happened because I had woken up that morning at it was the biggest improvement I’ve ever had.


This was probably the most exciting day because I could see that my acne was about 75% less than it was 3 days ago, or the past couple years.


Needless to say the next day and day after were just as good.


By day 6 or 7 I was 90% clear, and by day 10 it was essentially gone – and it stayed gone (since I kept using the treatment an extra few days just to be safe.


My Current Situation


As I mentioned before, now I only need one pack every month or two.


Not many people realize how much acne can affect your stress levels and daily quality of life.


I can tell now that my subconscious was under a ton of mental distress during my acne years -  because the first week that I was clear felt like I was literally floating on a cloud, like total euphoria 24-7.


The feeling I’m talking about can’t be described, only felt.


This study done in September actually found that acne had a significant impact on “…emotions, daily activities, social activities, study/work, and interpersonal relationships.”


Anyway, let’s get back to oral antioxidant treatments.


Oral Antioxidant Treatments


The brand doesn’t matter much for these types of treatments since there are only a few of them.


I personally use Derma (Drinkables) because they’re strongest one, but they aren’t the cheapest. So it’s whatever you prefer.

The only reason I offered to write for Derma is because they didn’t have a blogger, and I knew that more people needed to know about this treatment.


I do get some free packs every once in a while – but clearly that’s not why I write.


The only reason I’ve ever written anything is to help people in the same shoes that I was in.


Any blog that doesn’t do that is written by a fraud.


A Quick Final Note


I would still suggest washing your face at least twice per day, even though it doesn’t seem like it does anything.


If your face is dry afterwards, then use a non-comedogenic moisturizer (meaning one that doesn’t clog pores). If you're going to apply foundation or anything else, wait a minute or two after applying the moisturizer for your skin to dry off.