Tackling Maskne

This year, we’ve seen the rise of maskne (acne breakouts primarily on the chin and cheeks caused by wearing a mask). Sometimes, it feels like your normal skincare isn’t able to combat this new form of breakout, which can get frustrating. While there isn’t a perfect solution to get rid of maskne forever, here are some tips to help get your skin back on the track to clear!

Wash your mask. Dirt and moisture can collect on your mask and cause breakouts or irritation on your skin. To avoid this, wash your reusable mask after every use (or as often as you can) to avoid build-up, or wear disposable ones and throw them out after you wear them once.

Get into a skincare routine. Everyone’s skincare needs are different based on skin type. Certain products are tailored toward certain skin issues, like dry skin, acne-prone skin, or sensitive skin, so before you get overwhelmed with all of the various products you can use, focus on the basics. Start with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, then add serums, eye creams, etc., when your skin needs it.

Hydrate and eat well. What goes in your body is just as important to your skincare as what products you put on your skin. Drinking plenty of water (around 8 cups a day, depending on your height and weight) along with eating balanced meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables helps to keep you hydrated and glowing from the inside out.

Try a face mask (the skincare kind). Face masks are a great tool for a skincare boost. There are so many different kinds of face masks, from hydrating sheet masks to clarifying clay masks and everything in between, so no matter your skin type, you can find the perfect one for your skin needs. They’re also a perfect way to relax to keep your mental health up, too! While these tips aren’t magical complete fixes for your maskne, they’re little habits to help put a stop to (or at least decrease) your breakouts. Here’s to clearer skin!