The Acne Face Map is Pointless: Here's the True Cause of Acne

Here’s the thing about using an acne face map – it’s downright pointless for anyone whose trying to get rid of their acne.


Maybe it told you that your chin acne is caused by hormones. Or that your acne on your cheeks is stress related.


But is there anything you can do about it? No there’s not.


I wouldn’t waste your time trying to figure out what kind of acne you have – because it doesn’t matter what type you have.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned after 8 years of acne, its that there is only 1 real cause.


So What’s The Real Cause of Acne? 


Remember that acne is only a bacterial infection.


The cause is that your immune system isn’t strong enough to defend your cells against the billions of bacteria living on your skin. They’re called skin flora.


The skin flora causes your skin to produce sebum - in order to protect your cells from the invading bacteria. The sebum is then pushed out through your pores – which is what turns into acne.


How I Can Help You? (Not With the Acne Face Map) 


This may sound a bit arrogant, but I am the only person who knows how to clear your acne, and it's not by acne face mapping.


You can waste your time trying to pin point the problem or type, then trying to look for a treatment specific for you.


But you already know that’s just not how it works in the cold world of acne.


Everyone knows that all acne creams and face washes are made of the exact same ingredients. 


A popular study done in 2013 found the ingredients inside 3 of the top selling acne brands are the same. 


Why there are so many we’ll probably never know.


But the fact is that most articles on the internet are just trying to take money from people like you and I.


They know that acne sufferers are in a desperate place, and they use it to their advantage – by claiming that their personal brand is the ‘only thing that works’, when its no different than anything else.


How I Cleared My Own Acne? There Was No Face Mapping Involved


It took me some years to finally do it, but last year I finally cleared myself.


And it wasn’t by changing my diet or lifestyle.


I got rid of ALL of my acne in just about 1 week.

The majority was cleared in about 4 days though, and it took about 6-8 days until everything was gone completely.


It only took less than 12 hours for me to notice everything wasn’t nearly as red as usual, and it was a lot smaller without doubt.


All my years of acne, gone in a few days.


Whenever I see something beginning to form (which is rare now), I can make everything disappear by the end of the day.


Whether its a pimple or small breakout - it stops forming instantly, and begins to shrink and fade within a few hours. 


I still have trouble believing my acne is gone and it’s been almost a year since I’ve been acne free. 


I should also say that there was no acne face map used.


What Treatment I Used? 


3 words. Oral antioxidant treatment.


I’ll bet you’ve heard of these treatments within the past 2 years without even realizing it. They are pretty new though.


Now they're spreading like wildfire and being used by people all around the world - because they are the first thing to ever bring these kinds of results.


Who Makes These Treatments?


The brand doesn’t matter much for these treatments, and there’s only a few of them right now like Murad or Derma.


I personally use derma’s treatment (Derma drinkables) since its much stronger, but they’re price is higher (which I don’t like).


I admit that I’m not a fan of how much these treatments cost (around $20-30), but nothing can be perfect I guess.


I've been blogging for both Murad and Derma these past few months to help raise awareness about these kinds of treatments if you hadn't noticed.


Here’s Exactly What it Feels Like 


The first or second morning after you begin, you’re going to wake up, head to the mirror, see how much your acne has faded since the day before, and that’s when you’ll feel it.


Its something I can’t describe in words.


Like a giant ray of sun after a lifetime of darkness and rain.


You’ll feel a fog of distress begin to lift out of your head, that’s been pressing down on your mind since the first time you began struggling with acne.


It is really is a euphoric feeling once it sinks in - that you finally have something strong enough to beat acne, and no longer have to worry about it in your life.


It makes you feel like you’ve been dead for years, and now you’re alive again.


I could honestly write forever about this feeling but it wouldn’t do you much help.


How Often I Use Them Now?


I still order a pack once every month or so, but that’s just in case I see a small pimple begin forming – but it’s literally gone in a few hours.


Remember it was only about 13 months since I was popping a few every day, so it still feels like a fantasy for me.


If you can't afford to buy something like this, you can read this list of at-home treatments for breaking out on your face.


In Conclusion Though, 


Now you probably understand why the acne face map idea is waste of time.


There’s so much information on acne, but sadly the only useful information is impossible to find.


If I hadn't been looking every day for something to heal it, then it would still be making me miserable. 


That's why my passion is now helping people like you, who are in the same exact place as I was.


I understand how much anxiety and frustration acne brings - and nobody in my opinion deserves to deal with it.