The Truth About Different Types of Acne

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past decade of daily torment from acne, it’s that researching your type doesn’t matter – it’s all a load of bologna.


It would make sense to figure out which type you have, then try a find a treatment specifically for that type. Right?


But that’s not how it works with acne – because all acne treatments are the SAME.


There's no secret about. Everyone already knows this.


Types of Acne Treatments that Don't Work


Whether it’s a cream, face wash, gel, foam, regimen, or even an antibiotic – they all have the same ingredients.


They’ve all been around for 50 plus years, and none of them have ever worked for people like you and me.


You already know that story though so let’s move on.


I dealt with hormonal acne, cystic, inflammatory, nodular - lets not forget about the hundreds of small bumps on my forehead (it's called folliculitis).


Subclinical acne to sealed comedones,  you name it I've dealt with it.


I've encountered all types of pimples. From giant red ones, to light pink and small ones.


Then What's Changed?


It wasn’t until I cleared myself about 12 months ago that I learned the true cause of my acne.


Once I knew the cause it was easy to see why all those treatments hadn’t worked.


If you want to read my full fight with nodular acne then you can read it here. 


That was probably my worst experience though.


Anyway let's get begin, 


Why Your Acne Type Doesn’t Matter?


I honestly have no idea why, but the fact is that I am (oddly) the only person on the internet whose knows how to actually clear all types of pimples - and how to do it right now.


I’ve personally have experienced it, and I’ve witnessed thousands of others do the same within the past 18 months.


From the bottom of my heart, I only want to bring you into the place where I am now.


Because I know the place that you’re in right now – like an endless dark cloud looming in your mind at all times, making you feel helpless, out of control, embarrassed, defeated, ect.


I was stuck in that place for about the past 10 years, which included most of my teenage years.


Like you, I’m not someone who sits back and endures the pain. I looked every single day for a new possible answer or solution. Just something to get rid of it.


Only about 12 months ago I found something that was able to do what nothing else even came close to. The reason I was able to clear it is because I stopped the cause of acne.


What's the Cause of Your Acne? (No Matter the Type)


This means for any type. 


I know you probably think that different types of acne have different causes - but the truth is that 99% of the time they don't.


Normally I would waste about 5 minutes talking about the true cause of acne, and how these treatments are the only thing that are able to immediately fix the cause.


But just in case you were wondering I’ll say it one sentence. The cause of acne is a weakened immune system.


That’s right. Acne is just a general infection of the skin cells like any other skin infection. The bacteria that cause acne are living on our skin at all times.

They only attack when our immune system gets weak enough and your cells can no longer be defended from them – so they’re attacked.


 The moment this happens, your brain gives the order to make a ton of extra sebum  to protect your cells and trap the bacteria.


The bad news is that your body gets rid of this sebum by forcing it through your pores (causing acne).

So How Did I Get Rid of Acne Forever?


With an oral antioxidant treatment.


These kinds of treatments are relatively new in the past few years. After suffering for almost 10 years, they are literally the first thing to ever clear my face.


They changed my entire life in a matter of days. The reason they’re as effective as a prescription med is because they are the first treatment to specifically heal the cause of acne.


The only reason I offered to blog for Derma is because their treatment changed my life.


If you’ve followed me, then you know I don’t promote or advertise anything.


You probably wouldn’t have followed me in the first place if that was the case.


I’ll only suggest something if I’m 100% sure of its credibility, and I’m a personal user. But don’t just take my word for it.


Look at how many reviews there are on different sites like yahoo, reddit, twitter, facebook and other forums. If it has bad reviews it means it doesn’t work in my opinion.


The truth is that it doesn’t matter which treatment you use. There are only a few brands, and they all get the job done.


The two most popular are Murad and Derma.  I just use Derma because it’s stronger and I like how fast it works, but the price is higher (which sucks). That’s up to you though.


How Well Did the Treatment Work?


The first two days I saw every red bump, whitehead, and scar, literally fade away by 25% easily. Within 5-6 days the majority of it was 80% faded without question.


And by day 9 I was clear despite a few dots that were microscopic at that point.


From that week on, it felt like I had gone from seeing in black and white, to color.


It felt like a haze was lifted off my brain, and I could suddenly think of whatever I wanted to – it’s hard to explain.


It was truly an incredible feeling of liberation that can’t be described on paper – and every single other acne sufferer like you should feel.


My Final Tip of Advice for You


I could write all day about how great my experience was. I’ve also witnessed hundreds of others experience the exact same thing. But that’s not going to help you much.


I’m going to be honest here by saying that the only way that you’re going to clear yourself is with one of these treatments.


Because there is one thing I’m sure of after so many years of acne –  it’s that finding something that works is just about impossible