What Causes Hormonal Acne? How I FINALLY Cleared Mine

Hormonal acne is most stubborn form of acne in my opinion. 


I fought with this monster for the past 9 years. 


I've spent so many years trying to find what causes it with no luck - until a few months ago when I finally cleared myself. 


No matter what kind of treatment I tried, it always find a way back to my face.


The only thing I didn't try was accutane because I never had it THAT badly. 


(even if I did have it bad enough - I wouldn't trade clear skin for birth defects - sorry)


Anyway I'll get started, 


Be prepared though - because you are actually about to learn something that will keep you acne-free for the rest of your life.


This isn't like every other article, with some BS 10 step guide made from a combination of dead beat information from sites like wikipedia or dermatology.org.


I am a REAL acne sufferer writing REAL truths from REAL experiences.


Now let's begin (sorry for venting a little there),


What Causes Hormonal Acne?


According to the scientific world, there are a few things that can cause hormonal acne.


I personally think they are all dead wrong (I'll tell you why in a minute).


Here's the problem with this one - nobody actually knows the cause.


I'm nearly 100% certain that I know  (based off my own experience and many others I've seen).


It's extremely annoying because there are highly credible sources  that will claim something, which contradicts a different one.


So nobody ever gets healed.


Here's what I mean, 


Some medical journals like this one have evidence to support that androgens somehow cause of hormonal acne.


There's a little bit of evidence along with their study, but nothing concrete AT ALL. 


Like every other study I've read, it just talks about how their data "doesn't conclude anything" but points them in the right direction.




This article from Young Women's Health explains how hormonal acne is caused by clogged hair follicles due to your body producing too much sebum. 


It claims the reason your body is making this extra sebum is because of 'regular hormonal changes' that happen during teenage years.


How do they explain the millions of people in their mid to late 20s with hormonal acne - which only gets worse as the years pass. 


Wait it gets even better, 


Why Most Internet Sources About Acne Are Useless?


I just looked on the Acadmey of American Dermatology site for hormonal acne.


There is literally a list of 6 completely different 'possible' causes for it.


It's almost laughable how these big medical groups claim to know everything about acne when they don't know more than me or you.


If they know exactly what causes it then why isn't there a cure?


Instead of all of these garbage facial cleansers and acne creams that only your skin worse.


Why didn't someone just make something that fixes whatever is causing the problem?


Because they don't actually know what's causing the problem, that's why.


Here comes the truth.


What is The True Cause of Hormonal Acne?


Acne is caused by your body's failure to defend your skin cells from surrounding bacteria.


In other words, your immune system isn't strong enough to defend your skin cells from being eaten (seriously though).


Let me explain, 


Within the past few years scientists have discovered that your skin isn't just made up of skin cells - it's also made of t-regulatory cells (immune system cells). 

As you can see from these experiments done at the University of San Francisco, we didn't know that T cells existed in the skin until recently.


These cells are what make up your immune system - they guard your skin cells against invaders, and they get rid of potential bacteria infections before they even begin.

Basically these guys are your best soldiers. 


They are your main defense against bacteria and toxins from the outside world.


If your immune system isn't as strong as it needs to be, it won't be strong enough to guard your skin cells anymore. 


You can already guess what happens when your T cells realize that they're losing the battle.


Incomes the sebum and inflammation - which means acne (in your case it's hormonal acne)


Why Does This Happen to Your Skin?


Because there are billions of evil bacteria living on your skin at all times.


The only time these bacteria attack is when your skin cells become too weak to defend themselves.


Like a lion sniffing out prey, the bacteria will always find your weakened skin cells and try to eat them. 


It's just the food chain.


Mama comes to the rescue, immune system sends out sebum traps bacteria, then shoves it out of the body through the pores and 


How Do I Fix My Immune System?


Fortunately your immune system is something that can be fixed. 


If you look at this study, you'll see the data that clearly shows how much antioxidants can boost the immune system.


The bad news is that the immune system is genetic, which means some people's are just inherently stronger or weaker than others. 


You might think that eating a ton of nutrient-rich foods everyday could give your immune system the boost it needs to defeat acne.


Actually that's true - but it will take you at least 2 years (which is sort of cool, but still pretty useless for you)


It's always a good idea to heat healthy foods, don't get me wrong. 


If you eat healthy food, your energy levels will be much higher - so you'll feel happier and less-stressed in general.


But as for hormonal acne, it's not going to make much of a difference.


If you have cystic acne - you can read this post I found about that specifically.


Then How Do You Clear yourself?


The most effective way by far is an oral antioxidant treatment.


I'm not sure if you've heard of these in the past 2 years or so, but they are blowing up in the world of acne sufferers.


They are the ONLY thing I've personally ever found to clear myself.


The reason they work so well (and so quickly) is because they instantly stop what's causing your acne (a bad immune system).


I personally used the Derma Drinkables treatment, you can see all of their science behind it here.


There are other treatments (and they work), but Derma is by far the strongest (and the only one with beta carotene).


I'm not ecstatic about the price for a single 8 pack, but it is what it is I guess.


Using one of these is easily my best suggestion if your looking to get rid of your hormonal acne sooner rather than later. 


One Last Tip


I have one last tip for you that will make you clear yourself even faster.


This might sound odd to be honest (or it might not).


Here it goes - when you get out of the shower every morning - take an ice cube and rub it around your face for about 15 seconds. 


This will clear inflammation (redness), and help make everything fade away quicker.


I know it sounds different but it does help.


So now that you know how to get rid of hormonal acne, you can finally clear yourself. 


No need to thank me, just help as many others as you can.