What Does Breaking Out on Chin Mean? How I Clear Mine

First I'm going to tell you how to immediately clear this breakout on your chin.


Then I'm going to tell you how to get rid of your breakouts forever.


It's fine to be skeptical, I personally wouldn't believe it either. That's why I'm going to prove it to you.


How to Immediately Stop Breaking Out on Chin (Steps For the Mirror)


About 10 months ago I finally cleared myself - and it happened in less than 3 days.


My face cleared around 90% in 3 days, but within the first 7 hours there was a major difference. 


Since that week, I haven't gotten a single breakout.


I still do get an occasional pimple or two, but nothing is ever inflamed - so they're miniature compared to what I had before.


Once it's popped it literally becomes invisible and there's no trace of anything (that's how small).


Before I tell you how I cleared myself, I'm going to tell you what to do in the mirror first. This part is still important, so don't skim too fast.


How to Immediately Stop Breaking Out on Chin (Steps For the Mirror)



Below I've listed the steps to take in order. Each one of them is important, no matter how odd it sounds.


Step 1


Slowly rub an ice cube around your chin for about 30 seconds.


According to any skincare professional or esthetician like Barbara Strickland, ice is an extremely effective for acne and breakouts.


She advises her clients to ice twice per day to reduce inflammation.


Step 2


Wash your face with a cleanser that contains 2% salicylic acid.

I usually use Neutrogena or the store brand copycat version to save a few bucks.


Renowned dermatologist, Dr. Sandra Lee, explains in this video how important salicylic acid is.


Slowly massage each region of your face for about 10-15 seconds, and use cold water. The colder the better.


If you don't have a face wash with salicylic acid then go out and buy one.


It may not seem like it, but washing your face does exfoliate your pores – which is needed to clear a breakout.


Step 3


To all you whitehead poppers out there – you'll probably need to pop a few after washing your face due to the exfoliation – be sure to squeeze everything out.


Step 4


Next, rub an ice cube around the region once more to reduce inflammation caused from touching, pressing and washing.




Step 5


Gently apply a light layer of oil-free moisturizer (SPF 15 is fine). I usually buy the copycat version of Neutrogena for this too.


If you don't have one then go the store and buy this also. Moisturizer is a must.


Step 6


If you wear foundation, now is the time to apply it. Any foundation or makeup you use MUST be non-comedogenic (meaning it doesn't clog pores).


I usually use E.L.F but there are many others.


According to Laura Geller from RealSimple.com - to avoid blotchiness you should wait a full minute for your skin to dry after applying moisturizer before applying foundation.


If you are in a rush, you can also gently dab a paper towel on your face before adding foundation (to help soak up the moisturizer).


Step 7


Repeat again before bed - without foundation obviously.


At this point you've done everything possible to control the external effects of your breakout.


But it takes something much stronger than face washing to clear a bad breakout - and keep it gone.


So How Did I Clear Myself and Keep Everything Gone? With an Oral Antioxidant Treatment


You might have already heard of these treatments. They are relatively new -  within the past 4 years.


I've been using one for the past 8 months, and my face hasn't been this clear since I was a kid. 


My first morning after taking them was like Christmas morning on steroids – because I'd never had anything really work before. And if something ever did show me promise, then it certainly didn't happen in 1 day.


It was like coming out of a haze of depression that I had been in for the past 6 years. I can’t describe the feeling in words. Plus that’s a whole different story. 


The Only Thing That Ever Worked For Me


Most of these treatments can be bought from their company's website (shipping is usually 1-2 days, and free)


I prefer the  Derma's treatment (as you can see, I'm guest blogging on their website right now if you hadn't noticed).

The only thing I don’t love about these treatments are the prices. 


I use Derma because it’s the only treatment with beta carotene – probably why it’s so strong.


I'm not saying the other treatments don't work, I'm just saying I don't prefer them.


Murad makes the other popular treatment if you want to compare ingredients.


These are by far the best option out there. They're not cheap though, so I guess nothings perfect.


In Conclusion of Everything


Remember there are 2 ways to fight acne - internally and externally.


Most people only know how to fight it externally, which brings little success. 


The only way to stop acne is to stop the cause. And the only way to stop the cause is with an oral antioxidant treatment. 


The only thing I ask is that you help someone else struggling if given the chance.


In a couple of days you'll understand how much a recommendation from a friend can change your life - like it did for me.


I still have trouble believing that my face is always clear, and it's been over 8 months now.


Every single time I look in the mirror I think about my journey and I can't help feeling overwhelmed with happiness.