What Mainly Causes Cystic Acne? How I Cleared Myself

I know you didn’t expect this, but you’re about to learn how to get rid of your cystic acne - within the next 5-10 days.


You'll see a major improvement within the first or second day though.


I know how magnificent that sounds.


Don’t worry though, I’m not going to try and advertise some stupid product to you.


This isn’t one of those articles.


Sadly the internet is filled with them though.


I seriously have a problem with someone who would write something like that.


I’ve never met anyone who has, but I can’t imagine what I’d say to them if we did meet.




Even though it’s almost 2018, for some reason I am the only person whose going to tell you this, so I highly suggest you listen carefully to my advice (because I've been exactly where you are right now).


You hear it all the time for cystic acne sufferers, “Wash your face twice per day! Change your diet! Don’t eat dairy!”


Don’t get me wrong, doing some things do help, but not much.


Especially for cystic.


Why is Cystic Acne So Stubborn?


Even if you are making changes like those, you’re still not going to able to clear or prevent it (at least I couldn't).


You knew that though.


Like I said before - I've been there.


That’s where the endless search through the swamp of acne regimens, face washes and creams begins.


They all have the same ingredients for the most part, and there are thousands of them either online or in the stores. 


It’s sickens me that they all exist.


If it weren’t for all those identical products claiming to be ‘the only thing that works’, then maybe I would have cleared myself 2 years earlier than I actually did.


The truth is that 100% of them haven't the slightest clue on how to get rid of cystic acne.


Or even prevent it.


You knew that also though.


So before I tell you how to clear yourself, you need to know why your cystic acne exists in the first place.


Again, I am the only person who is going to tell you this - I cant say this enough.


First I’ll tell you why it exists, then I’ll tell you how to get rid of it.


What Causes Cystic Acne?


All forms of acne are primitive.


It’s been around since the ancient Romans and Egyptians as you can see from this article.


From what I've seen though, cystic acne is caused by a weak immune system. 


Remember, our immune systems are inherited through our genes.


How does this cause cystic acne though?


Cystic acne is only a typical bacterial infection, and harmless one to our health maybe, but it has a reason.


Do you realize that there are billions of bacteria cells on your skin at all times?


Let's pretend your immune system stopped working for a day.


You would only have a few hours (if that) before some type of infection begins to attack your cells and overtake your entire body.


Since the skin is the outer most layer of the body, it is the first thing to feel the effects of your weakened immune system.


Your body isn’t just going to let your immune system fail without doing anything about it.


The moment your immune cells recognize that your skin cells are being harmed, it sends a command to the sebaceous glands – forcing them to produce much more sebum.


The sebum is used to trap the bacteria and shield your cells against it’s harmful effects.


The Conclusion on Sebum


Sebum doesn’t cause acne like some people argue, it’s not what you should worry about - this study  proves my point 100%.


Once you stop the cause, you won’t see it anymore.


The cause is your weaker immune system. Until you heal it - your acne will continue.


How to Get Rid of Cystic Acne


You must replenish your immune system and restore it back to full strength.


This part can be done 2 ways, I personally prefer a combination of both.


The first way is strictly through diet.

Even by strict dieting though, it’s going to take months (at least) to see any sort of real difference.


That’s because it took years and years for your immune system to weaken to this point.


There’s just not enough of what you need inside food to make it happen fast.


But it’s still a good idea to do because you’ll be thanking yourself in a few months.


If you want to know which foods to eat and not to eat then you can read this post I wrote about the best foods to eat for acne.


The AAA (American Academy of Dermatology agrees with me as you can read in this article, but it would still take months.


The Best Option For Clearing 


The other way is much quicker, but also much stronger – by using an oral antioxidant treatment.


That's how I personally cleared my own cystic acne in about 10 days (it wasn't 100% but it was easily 90-95%).


You may have heard of these kinds of treatments before. But they’re newer within the past couple years. Now they're really gaining popularity though.


Your acne (if it's moderate cystic) will be cleared within 10 days, and a breakout will be cleared in 1-2 days easily.


How Quickly Do Results Come?


You’ll be able to see a serious difference within 12 though. The first 24-48 hours bring a highly noticeable improvement from my experience. 


It doesn’t matter too much which brand you use because they all work.


Whether its Murad or Derma Drinkables, they both will blow you away.


What I Personally Used 


I prefer using Derma only because it has beta carotene, and so it’s stronger and works faster, but they're both similar (Murad is a bit cheaper though).


If you’re one of my followers,


then you know the only reason I'm blogging for Derma right now is because their treatment was the first thing to clear me – after years of searching that brought nothing but failure and misery each day.


My Current Situation With Cystic Acne


If I do notice a pimple or 2 starting to form (which is pretty rare for me now) I'll take 2 drinkables that day - and everything will be drastically faded by that same night.


And nearly 100% gone by morning.


That's right.


The breakout never even happens.


Even when I do get something, its always miniature - no redness whatsoever, and skin colored. 


Its so unnoticeable that after I pop it’s tiny head, the entire thing is gone (unless I were to point it out to you).


Underneath foundation its completely invisible though.


Just make sure to use oil-free foundation so your pores don't clog up.


Here's a list of acne-friendly foundations if you feel like reading it.


One Final Note


So now that you FINALLY know how to clear cystic acne, you can actually go and do it.


It’s unfortunate because I could have been cleared years ago if more people knew this.


The only purpose I have for writing is to help you. But apparently nobody knew about it at the time I needed help a few years ago.


So unless you want to spend the next 5 years dealing with cystic acne like I did, then I highly suggest you take action.