Why the Caveman Regimen Doesn't Work?

I'll bet you've recently heard the cavemen regimen may be something that could possibly clear your acne.


It makes sense right?


That using nothing on your face will reverse the resistance your skin has for face washes or creams – and therefore clear acne because your skin would become much stronger.


I Have Good News And Bad News About Your Acne


The bad news is that I'm just going to be blunt and tell you it doesn't work that way. It just doesn't.


You should know better as an acne sufferer.


You really think it would be that simple?


You might be thinking that people in ancient times didn't have acne because there weren't any acne treatments to cause it.


That also couldn't be further from the truth. - Seppo Puusa, a highly recognized acne blogger, wrote an interesting article about acne in ancient times if you want to read it.


But that's different topic. 


The good news is that after I tell you why the caveman regimen doesn't work – I'm going to tell you the only thing I found in 7 years that did work.


Why The Caveman Regimen Thing Doesn't Work?


The problem for you, or anyone with acne, is that your body is producing too much sebum, which results in pimples on the skin.


But Why is Your Body Producing Too Much Sebum?


It's because your skin cells are being attacked by a common bacteria infection.


So as a defense mechanism, your body produces sebum to defend them.


Sebum also destroys bacteria the causes acne.


You can read it's entire purpose in this medicinal encyclopedia article.


The bottom line is that sebum is a direct result of an infection.


And infections happen when your immune system isn't able to defend your cells. 


Why Can't Your Cells Defend Themselves? The Ultimate Question to Solving Acne


The reason is because you didn't provide them with enough fuel to fight with.


The fuel I'm talking about is certain compounds, vitamins and minerals that are absolutely crucial for defending your body against infection.


Our bodies obtain this fuel through the food that we eat.


For the past few thousand years we've slowly been worsening our diets.


But it only takes a few years of poor eating to deprive yourself of whats necessary.


Everyone's different, some people were born with healthy cells with an abundance of whats needed to defend themselves against infection.


These are the people who barely have any acne or pimples throughout their lives. But others did it to themselves unknowingly.


If a child eats chicken nuggets and french fries each night for 10 years then I would bet his immune system won't be great when they're older.


What's The Truth About Your Skin?


The truth is that it doesn't matter for you at this point. You could change your diet, try eat more vegetables.


It might help after a few months but probably not too much.


It would take years of perfect dieting to return your levels back to their optimal statee – where they would be strong enough to defend against a bacterial infection like acne.


So many studies like this one have concluded that antioxidant levels are drastically lower in acne sufferers.


Not to mention studies like this 2012 one, where antioxidants were proven to clear acne by 80%.


If you go on the Pubmed website you can find a dozen more studies that found the similar results.


So What Can You Do? (Besides Mimic Caveman)


The only way to replenish your cells immediately is with an oral antioxidant treatment. These treatments contain the necessary amount of the compounds our cells use to defend against acne-causing bacteria. 


What I Personally Think of These Treatments


I began using it a year ago.


For the most part, I was entirely clear in about 11 days – but I was almost clear by day 5 (which still blows me away).


You can read my whole story if you want to know exactly how I did it.


Don't get me wrong though, I encourage people to eat sweet foods.


As long as you provide your body with enough fuel to defend itself then things like sweets won't be able to cause acne.

As for exfoliating face wash – I do suggest using some type of exfoliator every day at least once per day.


If you don't use one, then you pores will only clog up with more dirt and bacteria – a breathing ground for acne.


The Final Conclusion


You could try the caveman regimen if you want, but keep me in mind while your doing it.


I only say that because I know for a fact that it won't help your acne, and you'll be back here re-reading this post in a few days.


Remember I can't force you to do something, but I strongly suggest following my advice.


The only reason I'm writing this blog in the first place is because I found a treatment that was able to get rid of my acne in a few days – after having it almost 10 years.


And I only want the same for you, and every other person dealing with acne.