Zinc and Acne: How I Accidentally Cleared My Acne

I’m going to tell you the story of how taking zinc lead to my acne being cleared and controlled, since it first appeared back in high school (now I’m 27).


I've always had at least 4-6 spots/whiteheads each morning, along with 2-3 monthly breakouts.


You know how miserable the feeling is. 


Almost every morning I'd wake up hoping that it would look a little better.


But when I got to the mirror it was always the same or worse than before.


I had to hide my face in school everyday, scared to death that I might see someone I had a crush on.


It was relentless paranoia.


And I hated it.


You can obviously guess that I’ve tried every single acne treatment either online and inside any store.


I read cheesy articles like this one, thinking that it was my routine giving me acne.


It was like trying to cure an incurable disease that nobody had information about.


You know that feeling though.


Hopelessly tormented every single day.


What's the Problem With Drugstore Acne Treatments?


Most of them barely do anything is what I've always found.


Well my problem was that I was only looking for acne treatments that were made to be rubbed on the surface of the skin, like facial washes, creams and gels, masks, ect.


I learned this one day while I was looking online for something new, when I came across this clinical study done in 2014.  


It basically concluded that zinc levels were really low in acne sufferers.


I had never considered taking a treatment orally unit I read some reviews about people who used zinc to treat their acne.


What were People Saying About Acne and Zinc?


Most people didn’t say it was anything miraculous, but there were a fair amount half-decent reviews.


So after work I just went to the vitamin section in Shoprite and grabbed a bottle of it to try.


I took one pill when I got home that night.


My Results With Zinc and Acne


After waking up I actually noticed that my face looked better than yesterday.


Nothing huge, but still it looked better (which was really exciting for me).


Every day it seemed to get a tiny bit better, but I still had some new ones pop up.


After 13 days I could tell it definitely made my face look better than it had in a while.


But I was still waking up most days with a couple of whiteheads, big and small, while I still had a few monthly breakouts.


On the bright side, it was definitely better than any other treatment I had used in a while.


I had been using acne.org  face wash at the time, but I’ve always used that and it’s doesn’t do much from my experience, so it had to be the zinc.


That’s the difference between zinc and acne treatments like face soaps and creams that I’ve always used, the fact that it’s taken orally by mouth.


Instead of constantly fighting the whiteheads and acne on my face, I should have been trying instead to stop the cause of my acne.


That’s why zinc is already more powerful than any soap or cream, because it tries to fix the cause of acne inside our bodies.


Then I started researching oral treatments to see if there was anything that actually looked credible.


I did find a few but nothing too promising in my opinion.


How Zinc Cleared My Acne


This was one of the greatest coincidences of my life (besides the fact that I'm alive).


I was poking around one of my friend’s bedrooms while waiting for her to get ready for the night.


On her nightstand was a white and blue box of little drinkables, with the name “Derma Drinkables, antioxidant acne treatment” 


You guys can probably guess my interest level at the time, as I had never come across this treatment (maximum interest level kicked in).


Then I realized that it was because this treatment was an oral treatment (I had only started researching about oral treatments).


When I asked her about it, the first thing she said was she was not giving me one, because she needs them (it was pretty funny to be honest -


We were laughing but she wasn't joking.


She doesn’t even have it as badly as I do, but from her reaction I knew this was something good.


Her face also looked much clearer and almost smoother or brighter.


It wasn't glowing but it was the closest thing you could probably get to glow (without makeup obviously)


But she had only been taking it for less than a week.


What Did I Do Next? (Easy Guess)


I literally went straight to their website and ordered some packs for myself. 


Their science page looked really convincing, and it even included zinc.


Two days later the packs arrived on Saturday morning and I began with taking 2 bottles that day, one with lunch and one with dinner.


The next morning was the first morning of the rest of my life (I love saying that).


Because my face looked better than the day prior, but I was still not convinced that it was going to continue.


Monday morning I woke up and I still had a few small bumps, but not one single whitehead, and not a trace of any redness.


The small bumps were older whiteheads that had been taking weeks to leave my face, and they were almost gone after three days of taking the drinkables.


What Happened to My Face?


Every day that week my face was clearer and clearer each morning.


Even when I thought it couldn’t get much clearer due to a few leftover scars, the scars were nearly gone completely by the end of that week.


This was hands down one of the happiest weeks of my entire life (again that's sad, I know).


I could now see how little help face washing was for me. I still use facial wash each day, but I know it doesn’t do much.


Conclusion for Zinc and My Skin?


Now you understand my full experience with zinc and acne - and how zinc wasn't fully responsible by itself.


It did help there's no arguing that, but the reason I’m clear now is because zinc led me to find a treatment that ultimately did the job for me.


I can’t even come up with the speech to describe how grateful and happy I am with myself now.


And I know for a fact that you'll soon be in the same place. It could be by the end of this week, depending on when you're reading this.


Anyway, I'll let you get back to your life. But at least you know how to live without acne from now on.


Tons of Love!